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After nearly sixteen years of lifting, I’ve lost my passion for hitting the gym hard. For the past two months, I’ve basically been going through the motions. I tried taking a week off. I tried totally restructuring my workouts. Nothing seems to be working. I’ve experienced this for brief periods in the past, but never anything this long or this dramatic. Any suggestions would be highly apreciated.

  1. Try another sport for a while, when the brain has mastered something, it tends to lose interest.
  2. Perhaps you are suffering from a slight case of depression, that can be mended, choose your own method.
  3. Redefine and ask yourself “Why do I lift?”
    Perhaps, just perhaps, the reason behind your training was valid some YEARS ago, but now the reason has long since expired and you are but doing this 'cuz of habit.
  4. Find a new Gym.