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 I'm Currently over-weight, Need some help on my current

diet thoughts. im Weighing around 350, but im bulky... person i usto
work out alot but just lost it.

1hole egg-5 eggwhites Scrambled.
1hole egg to give it that taste< Should i remove it?


Roman Salad/vinegar


Roman Salad/vinegar
Breast of chicken or piece of Steak,
or fish. Whichever is made that day.

I like to Stay up late, Real late and i get Cravings what i usally
do is get a big plate of Salad with some vingar,or i just let my self
Drift to sleep hungry and wake up Starving the next day.
Within all this time i drink up to 18ounces of water, or a bit more

Work out Routine . 1hour Cardio -jog/walk... But my joints
End up killing me the next day if i run so i try to avoid it.

1hour- Weights i dont really know all the names but this is just
some of the stuff i do. Bench - i start off with the bar 20reps
then add 25pounds on each side then do 15 reps, add another 25 pounds,
do 10 reps so on and so on till i get to 1 plate then work my way down
Friend told me that he lost alot of weight quick on some supplments
he was taking, its Gnc Pro perfomance, it was a kit he Recomended.
So far the only one im Satsified with .. is the Ultra Water making
me piss like a Race horse every 30 minutes i go to the restroom.

I need Some improvment on this to drop some pounds and burn some fat
and some oponion and variety on what to eat and not to touch.I love
Vegetables and Fruits, just need specific ones to eat, and should i add
more work out time and work out everyday im Drop dead serious on
droping these pounds- IM A NEWB AND NEED SOME HELP !


Please start here!

Vroom's Beginner Thread


Alot of bad stuff going on here.

Your diet sucks. Nowhere near enough food/cals. You need alot more protein and good fats.

Drop that 'supp' immediately. I admit to not knowing anything about it, but if your reaction tells me anything, it is simply a dehydrater and that is NOT what you want. Drop it now and double your plain water intake.

You don't need running right now. Walk. Walk uphill. Work your way to jog/walks and slow jogs.

Eat all of the veggies you want/can. At this point, I wouldn't limit my fruits either. You can optimize input, but let's get you through the basics before we try any refinement.

You MUST eat protein everytime you put food in your mouth. Add peanut butter to your apple snack at the minimum.
Instead of salad at night have milk/cottage chees,beefjerky and nuts etc.

Your weight workout is just about useless, but at least you're there. Read around here, but the very basic you want to start doing is getting your lifting weight up and your reps down. try to get your weights adjusted so you are doing between 8-12 reps. 3 sets of a particular excercise/bodypart are enough right now. Full body--compound lifts are the way to go here. No need for a major program right now. Just document what you lift and adjust accordingly so you are more efficient in the weight room.

Your diet is your key here big fella. You need to get that in order or progress will be slow and limited.

And for Pete's sake--go to bed. That would be a HUGE quality of life action.
Trust me--as a former big boy who used to nosh and fall asleep watching the tube, thereby limiting my sleep to 5-6 hours a night--you can make the adjustment. You just have to retrain yourself.