I am a fairly newbie when it comes to world of steroids but I have done a reasonable amount of research. I have been training in mixed Martial Arts and lifting for several years now. I have done tons of research as far as stregnth and conditioning. I cannot seem to get stronger. I train for hours upon end, and now have alot less time to to lift. More than anything, I would like to win. I have wanted to juice for as long as I can remember. I need your help. Please don’t bother if you don’t know what you are talking about.
I think I can get hold of decca and test along with the HCGs. I am really concerned about side effects- this is one of the reasons I picked decca. I need to win and cannot afford to lose. Its the test I am worried about. I am worried that after the cycle I will lose the gains. How much of the gains can I expect to keep? I am also concerned about a long term inability for my body to produce its own testosterone. I don’t want this to interefere with my ability to win long term. Is there a possibility that my bodies natural test producing resources will be screwed up permanently? What about mood swings? I already had bouts with depression, as well as a bad temper in the past. I am around children on a daily basis. I cannot afford to lose it. Please help. This is one of the most important decisions I will make in my fight career and my life. Advise wisely.


I know I may be new to this forum and may not know the ettiquite or whatever but I really need help. This IS my life we are talking about. I really don’t know what to do. If this topic has already been discussed then point me in the direction, because I really don’t know what to do. I am asking one more time for your help.

I advise you to choose a new career. MMA is not for you. Seems to me that you have already lost.

Oh wait, you said to not bother if I didnt know what I was talking about. Nevermind, I’ll go no further.

Try the search engine. There are a ton of articles about steroids and the side effects. There is also an article specifically about the use of steroids by fighters that was written not too long ago.

[quote]ThumperTX wrote:
I advise you to choose a new career. MMA is not for you. Seems to me that you have already lost.

Oh wait, you said to not bother if I didnt know what I was talking about. Nevermind, I’ll go no further.[/quote]

I wanna know exactly what made you say this. Why? Becuase I am concerned about the side effects? Look, this isn’t about side effects…its about winning. Side effects, and particularly long term side effects will effect my ability to win. I wanna know why you would say that. Personally if I am doing something wrong, I will change it.

[quote]FCFighter wrote:
Try the search engine. There are a ton of articles about steroids and the side effects. There is also an article specifically about the use of steroids by fighters that was written not too long ago.[/quote]

Thanks FCFighter. I appreciate the article. I had already read that article though. I have also read alot of info involving side effects and after effects. I want to know more specifics though. People get bloated and retain water during their testosterone cycles…how much bloating…is it really drastic at low dossages? People get acne. Does that mean a pimple on your back…or cystic acne with pus coming out? Is there a good chance that I will experience side effects at fairly low dossages the side effects will be severe? I am busting my ass out there for up to six hours a day…I don’t need side effects to screw up what I am trying to do.

Steroid use will effect you natural test production, and you will lose gains when you go off. The choice for you would be to stay on these injectable indefinitely during fight season, or not bother with them at all. I recomend you first try high does winstrol/ anavar 3 week cyles, which should be far easier, and quicker to recover from (with a larger percentage of gains kept), then messing with long acting injectables such as deca, and test.

My comments have very little to do with your desire or pursuit to juice. The underlying reasons for my statements can, however, be exacerbated by the use of steroids. NOTE: I have never used steroids, but do not think negatively of them, so take what you will of my comments.

You can obviously tell that P22 (among others) knows just a tad about proper use and I have agreed with about 98% of what I have read of his, so he (they) can definatley give specifics in regard to useage if they chose to.

Along that same thread, my comments have nothing to do with physical strength nor muscle mass changes, but rather MENTAL changes. While I stop well short of saying gear contributes to “roid rage”, my use of prohormones and “T-boosters” has lead me to notice a slight change in my psyche whether it be from increased hormone levels or even purely placebo.

Point blank, I dont think your mind is right to compete in the MMA scene. Seems to me that you have already lost mentally. Pushing a needle isnt going to turn you into Randallman and your self doubt will still be there under the surface.

We all want to win, and training is definately part of it…but hours on end?

That might be one of your problems. Just taking a look at several of the most recent articles (also among older ones) and you will see that the “big dogs” dont train longer than an hour. In an nut shell, long duration weight training sessions essentially turn into cardio and can be counter productive to strength and muscle mass gains. If this aspect of training is off, I can assume that other aspects of your training are also off.

If you have a lot less time to train now, then gear isnt what you want. When on, you have to increase your training intensity and frequency to maximize your results.

Deca. Some like it, some dont. People here, dont. Deca has its place, but I dont think that that place falls in your category and I believe there is a better alternative for you. Research some of other peoples stacks that have been posted and critiqued.

Ouch, this really hurts me to read.
You are gonig to lose. I hope you lose, and I hope you lose bad. Take that as good as you can take it, cause I hope you learn from it. The human form has weaknesses. You have them, but so does the other guy. If your mind is right, it is going to reduce the number and severity of your loses.

P22 covered the gain losses, but it is the test that you should be building your cycle around. Natural T supression is a topic of intense debate, but what isnt debated is that it occurs and it can occur very harshly. You need to plan for it carefully. There are several other sides you need to plan for also. Keep researching the links that you were given.

Ahhh, there it is, the icing on the cake, the peice de resistance. Depression along with a bad temper…not a real nice combination with gear. I dont have a bad temper and, as I mentioned, can feel the increases in agression, etc (but stopping well short of ‘rage’) simply with prohormones. I dont believe that I have the building blocks necessary for ‘rage’ however as some are more susceptible to external triggers.

I am glad that you recognize and show concern for the children around you. I dont think I really have to say anything about it, except for the fact that you really dont get any “oops, I slipped, temporary lapse of judgement, my mistake, wont happen again” in that situation.

I must admit that I did and still do have suspicions that this is one of those “reporter posts”. Reporters looking for a story, with many of the tell-tell signs and buzz words to trip flags about steroid use found in your post.

You asked, I told. I hope you get it straightened out. Let me know if you would like further discussion.

My advice is to try the stack of choice in training before getting anywhere near the arena.
I train in MMA myself and I have found that some drugs can cause a marked decrease in cardio. This was while on a tren, test, d-bol stack. So I dropped the d-bol and next cycle did tren,test. I gassed less but still found it negatively affected my cardio. Just did a test only stack and my cardio was unaffected. So for me I wouldn’t use d-bol or tren if competing in MMA. But others might use is fine.
I have yet to use Eq but would like to combine in with Test.
Your choice of test is good but I am unsure of deca. It is apparently good for your joints but as in that article on AAS in MMA Eq is the preferred choice for lots of fighters.

Something i didn’t mention was about my experience of AAS effect on temperament. I found that i didn’t worsen my mood particularly although I did feel slightly more aggressive on tren. D-bol made me feel slighly euphoric but my most marked mood change was whilst in recovery after the cycle. This is when I think you would suffer depression or irritability the most. I would stay away from clomid. I have used it for PCT several times now and it always makes me emotional and tempermental and over sensitive and I get blurry vision (not good for a fighter) I much prefer Nolvadex as it does the same job but with none of the aforementioned sides of clomid use.

Equipoise would probably be a good choice to stack with whatever else your going to try because I recall it supposedly increases red blood cell count. I have only used it once and I noticed a definate difference while running sprints, I could do quite a bit more before I was really winded.