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I’m going to start a cycle with Dianabol and Deca. I’m wondering about adding some Sustanon or other kind of testo. So I would like to know what are the benefits and drawbags with T in this cycle?
I’m not so willing to add T, because I get little depressed after I’ve used it.

Test should be the base of any cycle. 50-100% of your gear should be good ole test. I would suggest 50% test enanthate, 25% dbol, 25% Deca. You didn’t say how much you weigh, so I can’t give a good estimate of how much of each will do the trick. I would do over 1 gram/week of all combined. Don’t forget your Clomid and T3!!! Also, don’t go with Sustanon, it’s too high priced and too hard to use right. To be used right, you need to inject it every day or every other day to get any use out of the propionate and phenyl prop. If you shoot it only 1 or 2 times a week, you are wasting most of the drug and won’t see any effects from it for weeks and weeks, not until the deconoate and the cypionate build up enough. Stick with enanthate or cypionate.