ive been lurking here for a while, so i thought i would finally post. I love this site and it has helped me alot.
Here are my stats:
Age: 14
Height: 5"4’
Weight: 125( I know im skinny, but ive gained 5 pounds since i started reading this mag and really upped my calories)
BF%: Since i can see my abs, i would say around 10% but i have only ever had it tested with bioimpedence and got a 15.
Bench: 145
Powerclean: 160
Squat: 240
Incline: 140
DL: ? havent maxed or worked deadlift in a while.

I am taking 2 and half grams of creatine a day, and 2 and a half scoops of protein. My total protein intake is usually around 150 grams a day.

I am having problems gaining mass though, since i cant do my own workouts, i have to do our football routine. Right now that is
Squat 3x6
Powerclean 3x5
Pushpress 3x6
Rows or something similar 3x8
Calf raises 3x10
Shoulder Work 3x8
Bench 3x6
Incline 3x6
Reverse Grip 3x6
Side Lateral Raises 3x8
Preachers 3x8
Triceps exercises(vary)3x8

we do the same things on wednsday and thursday. Can yall sugggest something i can do the other three days to help gain mass and strength?

Hi there drewpate,

I wouldn’t add any more training to what you are currently doing. My only advice to you is to eat as much as you can. At your age you just need more food.

Good luck.

Since you are 14 just about anything will make you gain strength. You dont need anything too complicated. Since I dont know you or ever seen you train to know your capabilities I would say train the posterior chain because I dont see any of that in your workouts. Most importantly eat like your mama dont feed you. Eat all the clean food you can like chicken, fish, steak, veggies, and then eat pizza when you can fit it in. Eat dessert after dinner when possible. Your 14 and if you are like most 14 year olds and have an active life you can handle that easy. Good luck.

The other 3 days of the week you should be focusing on resting, eating and most importantly studying for school. In my opinion, your program involves too much work condensed into the 2 days. I guess you can’t change this since it’s your team’s program, but if the volume of those 2 workouts were spread over 4 days, it would be much better. At your age, you need more exposure to frequency of exercise to enhance motor learning.

You clean 160 at the age of 14.
You are doing a load better than me at that age. I didnt even know what a dumb bell was then.
Shit, pound for pound you actuall PC more than me…

9 years training, a degree and post grad certs, years of training athletes and im showed up by a 14yr old.

i am going to shoot myself

oh yeah…
too much lifting. More resting is needed. eat like there is no tommorow. lots of clean good food (search for: food that makes you look good nekid)
And do your friging homework or you’ll be a dumbass yank getting interviewed on TV if you go pro :wink:

first of all - good job kid. i was a football player as well, and if you really wanna do good in football, do more triceps. very important for that push. dips are amazing. i dont know your position, if you told me that i could help you further. one thing i recommend, and i dont know if you can do this, is to move from the clean to the clean and jerk. snatch might be a little too much, so just do clean and jerks. excellent for a football player in my mind. i did those when i was in HS and they were amazing as far as quickness, body coordination and overall strenght. send me a PM with your position and goals and i might help you further.

hope that helped man, good luck.

oh and this too. NEED MORE REST!! when i was in HS, i lifted 5 days a week straight. did good cause i was young, but soon, your body is going to suffer. and i mean in like a year or two. you can fix this by working more on form and by eating a lot, in other words, what other people said.

When I was 14 yrs old, I was 5’11 and less than 125 lbs so youre not that skinny as far as 14 yr olds go.
Just eat a lot. Dont become some anorexic little queer worrying about being fat at 135 lbs.

You’re better off with a 3 day routine. Take your current routine and work it three times per week and not 4. Monday w/o #1, Wed w/o #2, Fri w/o #3 Monday w/o #4, Wed, w/o #1, Fri w/o #2 etc. Also, add three tbs. flax oil to your diet, that will give you over 400 kcal more per day and help build muscle.