okay here is the break down, I am just starting to get into lifting on a more serious level. I have taken a bottle of test 400 and did what I thought was the right things to acheive maximum growth. Now I am about to start another cycle of test 400 stacked with deca 400. I was then going to cycle down on equpoise 400. I have gotten it that this website is not kind on new comers or people who may not be as experienced as the others. Can anyone point me in the right direction since no one is offering any actual help. Thanks and sorry for not passing any exams or test on the subject before posting. I thought that was what this site was for…help.

Here’s the PM I got from this guy when I replied to his other thread:

Hey sorry man i was just asking a question, you spent more time to make your self sound like an ass then to just help me out. Next time keep your mouth shut…dick!

I will keep my mouth shut. And you can keep doing cycles while having no knowledge since you obviously don’t care to do any work for yourself.

no one expects you to pass an exam. but we do expect you to have done at least a minor amount of research before you start using aas.


You should state your stats with the info you provided. What are your goals? There is nothing wrong with a deca/test cycle but what is the length of the cycle? At what dosage do you plan to use the test 400, you are going to need more than 400mg of test for reasonible gains. I think at least 500 minimal. Maybe if you answer the above questions i can at least offer you my opinion of what i would do.

Hey jrk(jerk?)
I am far from being a vet (especially since I haven’t done a cycle yet). The general consensus around here though is “RESEARCH BEFORE USING” after researching, then you can post a question like this. The ‘cycling down’ idea isn’t very popular around here either. What anti-e are you going to use? How long is your cycle going to be? What are your STATS? As well you probably could have worded your post a little bit better as well. Your lucky that the Forum has been a bit slow the last coupla weeks or you might have been flamed out the wazzu. Keep on researching and post a better informed question and I’m sure you’ll get the responces your lookig for.



please don’t tell us you’re only 21. that’s asking to be flamed by itself.
hopefully not.

anyway, i myself found this forum about 2 years ago and asked some questions, and like you, was told to do some research. yeah that pissed me off. i thought the vets around here think they are gear gods.

but now, i only have nothing but the utmost “respect” for these guys. why?

who gives a flying fuck if you jump to the darkside with both feet without knowing anything?
who gives a damn if you fuck yourself up using gear?
who gives a shit if you use gear without learning how to train or eat properly?

bro, you and you alone will suffer the consequences if you mess up your body.
these guys say things we don’t like because they care. they don’t want us to make the same mistakes they made.
if you cannot take constructive criticism then you do not belong here.

when they tell you to do a search, look to the left of your screen, type on the search and you’ll get your answers quickly than waiting for someone to post.

you said, “I am just starting to get into lifting on a more serious level.”
that in itself is not good enough for you to even think about using gear, but since you did already, it’s your call.

and don’t put “help” on the subject line and have an attitude about it.
if you want a friendly helpful answer, have a friendly post.

bear… good post.
jrk…that is a rediculous way to ask a question. and then actually expect any of us to give you a proper answer. basically, with your attitude, i could care less what you do to yourself. come back after someone gives you an attitude adjustment.