I am needing some help with my first cycle. I am 21 years old, I weigh 213, I am 5’8", my body fat percentage is between 15-20%. I am not real sure about my body fat. I have some definition but I am far from being cut. What I would like to do is take as low a dose of AS. I want to get cut but every time I try using diet, cardio, and supplements I feel like I am wasting away. I can literally see myself shrink. I have done alot of research but I am still very unsure about dosages, anti estrogens, and cycle duration. I could also use some input on maybe taking some clen. Any help would be nice.

treetrunks, let me be the first to tell you, “do some homework first, then come back and ask more informed questions”. People will not do the footwork for you. Start w/ some articles: Steriods for Dummies & Steroid Dieting. Lastly, don’t just assume that AAS is going to be the magic elixer, the method you are using to get ‘cut’ may be flawed. For example, too much cardio, not enough protien, too little carbs, etc… Don’t take this as a dick posting, but rather encouragement to learn. I’d be happy to help in anyway after you come back with some questions that look like you are more informed. Peace.

Yep keep learning for awhile dude.

213 at 5’8"? 15 to 20% bf? Ignoring your age factor, and assuming that you are not strictly a power lifter where strength is more important than appearance, you need to cut down to a max of 12% bf or you will likely be disappointed with your AAS experience. And, in my opinion, your first experience should be with legal phormones for safety considerations.