I was supposed to give my tuxedo measurements to my brother for his wedding three days ago.

Like a dumbass I forgot to go get measured.

Please, does anyone know how to do tailoring measurements? I have a measuring tape (the soft kind) and I need these measurements:

Coat Size
Height (coat height?)

I need to get these to him today, and won’t have time to go to the tux place. God, I suck.

Metrosexuals, now is the time that I need you!

Call one of your Diesel coworkers.

Sorry I can’t help. Good luck.


KnightRT - seriously, thank you!

JaredNFS - haven’t met them yet - but I will say this - at the open interview, I have never seen a concentration of more beautiful girls in my life. I can’t wait to see who they hire.

Plus, since at least 85% of the male applicants were gay (I recognized them as friends of friends), and the ratio was 4-1 women to men, ahem.

Metrosexuality rules.

Rumbach - you should play the gay role. Make the girls “turn” you.

Haha, I might worry a bit more about the pink team putting me in the starting lineup.


You MUST have someone else do it. Even with the correct instructions, you need to have it done for you or they will not come out correctly.

Rumbach - Remember, they can’t draft you. It’s a personal decision to switch sides.

Since this is a one-shot thing, not something you’re going to wear a lot, it may not be a big deal. Coat size can be thrown off by the athletic physique. Take two measurements: one around the chest as usual, and one over the arms (relaxed at your side, at the outside of the medial delts) and subtract 10 inches. Use the larger of these two for your coat size.

Are you gonna bring the puppy along?

And if so, does he get to wear a bow tie?

What!? You mean that…I didn’t have to…bunt…single tear rolls down face…

Yes, Patricia, the puppy who always poops and never sleeps will be coming, as well as the ex-girlfriend.

Should be a strange weekend.

Thanks for the advice Brider!