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hey guys, i want to know what i gotta do to gain weight, ya know im 6'4 and 200lbs and hell if i even have any body fat, i got the metabolism of a squirrel, you cant have me gain weight, just you try, this is a guy who can eat a whole pizza for dinner and have lost 5 lbs by morning just by sleeping, and no, not by going to the bathroom either. so i want to know what combination of creatine/protein should i take to gain some weight?




Read the FAQ.



How about Food? Ya know, lots of good, old fashion FOOD.

Right over there <-----is a search engine. In T-Mag perform a search for the "Skinny Bastard Diet", "Massive Eating", or "Why Lurch Won't Grow".

Also links to many of these articles (and others that can be of help), can be found in the FAQ.


You my friend should find yourself an asbestos suit. Because you're about to be flamed.

Try looking up:
Massive Eating
The Growth Surge Project
The Skinny Bastard Diet

After you've read those come back with some intelligent questions (I did warn you about the flames) and we'll be happy to help.



Read this:



Hi, Cacaloochhhhhh!!! Welcome to T-Mag.

Well, if you stick around, read and apply what you learn, you'll definitely be able to put on some muscle.

Start with Chris Shugart's "The Diet Manifesto" in this week's edition. In particular, read "The Skinny Bastard Diet." Nothing derogatory intended. It's a T-Mag term of affection. (grin)

From there, search through the "Previous Issues" section for Berardi. Berardi is a nutritional guru that has greatly influenced many of our lives.

From there, just hang out, work out, read, read, read everthing here on T-Mag. Read the forum. Read the articles. You'll be a monster in no time.

BTW, my favorite program (not that I've tried them all) is Hypertrophy Specific Training. Check it out. That combined with an optimal/optimized diet should put SLABS of muscle on your frame.


guys guys guys, theres no need for the attitude, i mean, we've all been lazy enough to try to have people give us the answers cmon now... alright fine ill look for them myself :smiley: geez watch the attitude though, its kinda nasty ya know


and for your info patricia, i do eat lots of Good Old Fashion Food, i eat like a maniac, you think im joking about my metabolism, its not joke im serious, ill eat anything that gets in front of me and i eat nearly nonstop, so uhhhh thats not the answer to my question :wink:

thanks though sugapie :wink:


hey you know, that was pretty helpful guys, i searched around and found a lot of stuff i can use, thanks Tampa-Terry for the input ill defenitly check it out, alrightttttt muscle here i comeeeeee



So wiseguy how much do you actually eat?
"Alot" won't be an adequate answer.



Write down your regular food intake and post it before you make changes due to your reading. With a metabolism like you describe, you're wasting your time if you're consuming less than 5000 kcals a day.


How many calories?

What are your macronutrient ratios like?

The answers to those would be sufficient to tell how much food you're eating. "Alot" isn't.


Cacalooch...eating everything in front of you won't make you gain muscle mass (which is what you should be looking for). That's rather obvious to all of us who read the articles. 1 simple reason...a calorie is not a calorie! It's a matter of meal timing, protein intake, meal combination, training and more.

So before you tell us to drop the attitude, do your homework.


well rep.... in answer to your question i must say i eat.... uhhhh


alright fine ill give some details
for example i went on a diet, my own special diet awww and it consisted of eating like a crazy swine on steroids
heres what i was consuming everyday
2 bowls of cereal with whole milk
2 daily doses of protein (6 scoops approximately 300g)
1 daily dose of weight gainer 5000 (45g protein)
subway meal, basic grinder ham and cheese with chips and soda, good stuff, oh and extra mayo, and some pepper and salt, oh hell ill eat one right now
1 dose of whey protein
muffin for dessert (sometimes cookies, whenever i feel in the mood, sometimes a danish, oh yeh)
afternoon meal
another ham and cheese subway meal, well sometimes i bought the turkey, if you ask for extra cheese and extra ham nicely they wont charge you for it, sure they try to say oh its more expensive, just say, oh i just want a little more :wink:
then i would eat one or two pieces of fruit, bananas are good, oranges too
dinner meal
whatever dinner was times 2
it usually was chicken, us poor people cant afford the fancy stuff, but chicken was just fine, with lots of rice or spaghetti and ketchup, eww ketchup on chicken you say??? no way, ketchup on chicken rules! then i would tak another does of whey protein and another daily does of weight gainer oh and throughout trhe day i was poppin creatine like candy(stuff tastes like crap by the way)
and i drank lots of water and ate snacks all day, usually bread and cookies and whetever i could find, do you guys have any food? im kinda hungry ...


oh and i ment to say that after that diet which was about two weeks long i had gotten 10 pounds heavier and well, one day after i stopped, the weight was gone,
weird huh?


That diet sucks. If you didn't spend money on Subway you would have more for good food. You should be getting less protein in a day than you get at breakfast. You're not getting nearly enough omega-3s. I'll stop there; read the mag.


That's not weird...you lost water weight! Your "Diet" was shit!

You're eating stuff like chips, soda, and muffins, and only 4 meals a day. You have no consideration of food quality, and you're wondering why you just gained water weight?

Read the "Get Big Diet", and "Skinny Bastard Diet", and tell us if you see chips, soda and muffins, in there. Take a look at "Massive Eating" and "Food's that make you look good nekid"...Not there either.

Fuck man, I'm sick of helping people who want to eat like shit and complain they can't reach their goals! How 'bout the rest of you?


1 - You eat like shit. I saw mayo, cookies, lots of bread, cheese, soda, muffin, snacks, etc. That is ridiculous. All of those are sugar based, and will just make you gain fat.
2 - It doesn't look like you are eating enough protein, except for breakfast. Spread it out over the day in smaller meals.
3 - eat more meals throughout the day. Try to get 50g protein every meal.
4 - the reason you lose weight so quickly is that it is water weight. As soon as you stop eating carbs, you lose the 3x the water weight that is associated with carbs.
5 - don't ever make your own diet again. We could call you Jared from Subway for eating that shit.
6 - Don't use weight gainer. That stuff is sugar based and will just make you fat.
7 - please re-read all the articles that were mentioned before and follow them.


This guy isn't for real.

If you are for real and you were "popping creatine like candy" then all of the weight you gained was probably from creatine and then it all probably got pissed out one morning.

Seriously, dude, if you're not bullshitting us with that meal assesment (which I seriously hope that you were joking around with that) then you need to completely revamp your diet.

Heres my suggestion, become a hermit for a weekend, and stay home and read every article here on T-Mag that your eyes can handle.


I have to call BS on this post. Give me a break, all I see is sugar, sugar, more sugar, tons of carbs, and a shitload of bad fats. You need plenty of help my friend and it all starts with your buddy called the search engine or this weeks issue.