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Hi people. I need help. I’m a 20 year old male. I am very interested in bodybuilding and have been training since 6th grade to now which im a sophmore in college. I have been seriously training for about 2 years now. im 5’8" 195 lbs probably around 15 to 16 percent bodyfat. I want to get into competeing. I dont want to resort to steroids because i would like to remain natural and prove to myself and my freinds that it can be done and you can get big naturally. My deit of course is hard cuz im in college but it is getting better. My supplement program is ok. Im really wondering is there any supplements out there that are really helping people gain. I would like to start cutting around the third week of january for a show sometime between april and may. I need to raise my test levels but i want to do it naturally. Can anyone help and give input on what to take. I haven’t tried any biotest products yet because i just found out about them but please help and any suggestions would be helpful whether it be training, deit, supplementation, or just something for motivation. thank you very much for you time people

Ryan Kesterholt

Ryan, congrats on making the commitment to stay away from the juice. I would HIGHLY recommend Biotest products, the only ones I’ve tried are Surge and Grow, and they both kick serious ass. As for diet, you can never go wrong with Berardi (do a search for his name at the main t-mag.com site). As for training, the EDT method looks promising, and, personally, I’m going to try HST as soon as I’m done rehabbing my shoulder injury. Again, you can find both routines using the search function. Good luck!

You can get big naturally, but not Mr. Olympia big. Not possible without drugs.

Oh, and Biotest rocks. Read the Supplement Round-up article at T-mag.

Ryan - welcome to the family.

First thing is first. Write down some specific questions, then go over the the FAQ section. Click on the links that pertain to those questions, especially diet, and read the articles.

After that, come back and post again with any further questions you may have about a specific diet.

Hope this helps.

I’d like to throw out a big “Welcome” as well, Ryan! As was suggested above, read the FAQ. Also, read any Dawg School article, especially “The Bodybuilders Heirarchy of Needs” by Chris Shugart. I HIGHLY recommend you reading that!

I wish you luck on your bodybuilding endeavors, and keep us posted as to your progress!

hey whats up again. i can always use advice on training but my main concern right now is supplements and deit. Can any of you out there help with with understanding the mag-10 stuff im just wondering if it is to be taken with a steroid cycle or if it is to be taken by itself with a good deit and training cycle? also here is my training cycle right now.

Monday-back and traps
tuesday-bis and tris
friday-shoulders and traps

im still in a gaining cycle so im doing well i started at 180 now up to 195 in a semister at school so. not too bad. thanks again any help on diet and supplements programs for gaining would be great thanks.

Ryan, check out the following articles: “Massive Eating,” “The Missing Ingredient,” “The Diet Manifesto” and “The Essential Berardi” for starters. Just click “T-Mag.com Home” and do a search at the main page.

Those articles should help you a lot. I have a lot of information regarding supplements, but until you have your diet in order they would probably be a waste of money. A good protein powder will always help, though, if you have trouble getting enough calories.

Hope this helps.

If your diet (not “deit”) isn’t in order, no supplement, not even MAG-10, is going to help much. Sorry to tell you that, but that’s just the way it is.

Also, why do you want to raise your test levels? Are they been assessed as being low? If not, you probably have more than enough T floating around in your body (you’re what, 19?) to do the job.

Read the recommended articles. Also, you should start a food log. (Do a search at the T-mag website to find an article on how to do this.) Then get back to us if you have any more specific questions.

I’d just like to reccomend some basics. Avena Sativa and Tribulus Terrestris are herbs that naturally increase testosterone levels in the body. I take them together with Ginkgo Biloba. According to the reports, Tribex is much higher quality, so use it instead. Another way of increasing test levels is: animal fat! Eat red meat, especially beef. That’s my 2c.