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I really need to understand the long term advantages. This has worked for me so far. I am 58 yrs old. Got over cancer 2 yrs ago. I have a arthritic shoulder, 2 torn distal tendons, both hips replaced and need knee operations. BTW, I am still alive and well…

Here is my 531 workout;
swwbp = swiss bar bp (assistence swiss incline bp)
chsrow = chest supported row (assistence close grip row)
hscgprs = close grip hammer press (assistence close grip ham. press)
curl = straight bar curl (assistence preacher curl)

sat Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 swmbp 5x10
swwbp Warmup Warmup Warmup Warmup
5x155 3x165 5x175 5x95 swminbp 5x10
5x175 3x190 3x200 5x115

5x200 >3x210 >1x225 5x140
sun toprow 5x10
chsrow Warmup Warmup Warmup Warmup
5x100 3x110 5x115 5x60 swmcrl 5x10
5x115 3x125 3x135 5x80
5x135 >3x140 >1x150 5x95
tues hscgprs 5x10
hscgprs Warmup Warmup Warmup Warmup
5x125 3x135 5x145 5x75 legpress 5x10
5x145 3x155 3x165 5x95
5x165 >3x175 >1x180 5x115
wed curls 5x10
curl Warmup Warmup Warmup Warmup
5x90 3x95 5x105 5x55 precrl 5x10
5x105 3x110 3x115 5x70
5x115 >3x125 >1x130 5x85