Alright, say you had sex with a girl without protection, but did not finish. Precum? Who knows. What if you didn’t feel any shoot, but it still did? What are the chances of this happening? What is the rate of sperm in precum, compared to a full ejaculation? Scenario: You have sex without a rubber, but don’t finish inside of her, and dont know if there was precum. The odds of her being pregnant are ______? -D

If I’m not mistaken precum is supposed to be more potent. When in doubt call Dr. Dru and Adam (Loveline).

HA HA HA HA HA!!! Sorry, I don’t have anything useful to add.

I don’t know the odds, but they’re a helluva lot better than if you had used a condom. You don’t feel pre-cum, but it’s almost always present to some degree.

How long has it been since the incident? If it was in the last couple days, get her to take morning-after contraception.

If this happened within 72 hours, she can take an emergency contraceptive pill. Basically, you take four regular birth control pills at one time and 12 hours later, you take four more.

“The odds of her being pregnant are ‘Just as STRONG’” - oh, and yeah! Give Adam and Dr. Drew a call!

… very low, but tell that to that 1 in 1000 guy who is going to be dad in 9 months because of not using a condom.

Yo, Daddy.

What are the odds of her getting pregnant? Much greater than you want to fool with. Maybe you should have thought of this BEFORE having sex?

first… DUMBASS!! That said, there is almost always precum, it is a natural lubricant. Odds? who the hell knows. It’s about 80% with condoms, .01% with the pill, about 50% with nothing. Odds you shouldn’t have been having sex with someone you wouldn’t want a kid with? 150% Odds you should have thought with the upper head? 200% Anyway, good luck.

Heres the skinny on precum. It was originally thought to be a lubricant but in all actaulity it’s main pupose is to nuetralize the acidity of the vigina making it easier for the sperm to survive long enough to make it to the egg. NO SPERM IS IN PRECUM, KINDA! The precum itself has no sperm in it in that it is produced in the gowpers (cowpers) gland lacated in the shaft of your john thomas and has no relation to to your testis. HOWEVER, when you actually cum, some of the sperm can, and often times does get into the gowpers gland. This sperm can survive their for about 5-7days. So if you’ve cum in the last 5-7 day (which i assume you have) their is a good chance some of the sperm (and seamen) got into your gowpers and their for was released into your partner when having sex! This sperm is protected by seamen and the nuetralizing precum making tough and able to survive, however the amount of sperm in the gowpers is minimal which makes it more likely to die. What it comes down to is chance! Was the sperm present in the gowpers, did it survive in the vagina? Your odds are reduced from a full explosion, but my girls family friend just got his girl pregnant by the exact same tactic you described. Best of Luck and remember, if you are a daddy, make sure you’re a great one. A baby will change your life, for better or worse is all up to you!

The odds of her being pregnant are about as high as full fleged spooge…good luck dude…

Congratulations on the new baby. Do you know if it is a boy or girl yet?

Scotty I have no idea were you got your information from…My sister in law, an OBGYN(there doctors who deliver babies) is sitting right next to me- she says that precum is loaded with fertile, active sperm, maybe even more. People get pregnant using the pullout method all the time…She claims that the pullout method is 85% effective, meaning you have a 15 percent chance of having a kid.

Seeing as how I’ll only be 17 in June, I doubt I’ll pick the “be a good daddy” path. I’m going to have her take something, damnit! Something! I will not be a teenage father! I have too many responsibilities as it is. :frowning:

I got my info from Dr. Woods my human sex teacher, shes hot for an older chick. Anyway, i dont debate the idea that precum has active sperm in it, I was just trying to point out that where precum comes from is not where sperm is produced. I think i said that the live sperm often get in there, if i didnt i meant too. whispering nick, you i know both know this kid made a mistake, I’m just trying to give him some hope. to original poster If you find out she is pregnent, celebrate with a boat load of alcohal and vit C followed by cheerful kick to the stomach

Well Defex since you have said in the past,“Fuck the machine”, I guess now you’ll be depending on The Machine to pay for your baby! BTW nice going idiot, ever hear of a condom?

Good call TenYears!

Is “precum” a word? My my, how times do change…

And ditto what Avoids said.

Oh, and one other thing. You (Defex) and she should talk about this, and if you end up deciding to have the (potential) kid, then you should be a man and do whatever you need to do to support that child. You play, you pay. It’s just that simple.

A teenager with “too many responsibilities” to be a father. Yeah, right. Please tell all of us here what exactly it is that you have to do that’s more important than raising a child. I’m sure everyone would like to know.

Thanks Avoids, I still have not forgotten about Defex’s comment.