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I have just started weight training a little over a month ago and I was wondering if any one could give me some basic advice for diet to get the maximum benefits of my workouts. I would like to put on a little more muscle, I am five foot nothing and weigh about 100 lbs. and am at about 13% body fat. I am not interested in losing body fat, just gaining a little more muscle. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

Massive Eating by John Berardi. Use the search engine at the magazine and you should find it right away. Also, use a supplement like Surge post workout. I’ll also recommend Methoxy-7, because I’m assuming that with a handle like Pebbles and your small size that you are a female. Methoxy-7 works via non-hormonal mechanisms, so it is safe for men and women. After reading Massive Eating, you may be suprised how many calories you have to eat. Just work your way into that amount of calories slowly over time.

Two words: search engine

To get the most out of your training, you have to eat a lot!, I was skinny at one point, and like most hardgainers, you are scared of eating lots because you think you will get fat, but it isnt true. If you eat healthy( lots of protein and good fats and carbs) and eat at 1000 calories above your maintenance or more, you will gain mass, and it will be muscle!

One word:Ignorant.
Jeez guys & girls I think were being a little
hard on the newbie here. T-Mag.com can be a pretty overwhelming place for someone who is a beginner. Testosterone doesn’t exactly scream out beginner females start here.Snobbery at it’s finest ,hope you felt better after that.
Pebbles check out Foods That Make You Look Good Nekid and Dawg School for Beginners.I dunno your pretty small so maybe some other shorties out there could help you out.Good Luck.

Mmmmmmmmmm short women. :slight_smile:

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