I am 19 years old i am 5"11 and weigh 275lbs. i have a big frame but i still have a ton of fat to lose. Right now i am concerned with lossing the fat then i can worry about putting the muscle on. I tryed the fat fast diet and i just could not stay on it. My problem is i don’t know what to eat and when to eat it. If i had some kind of scedual i think i could follow it. If anyone could give me a list of what to eat and when i to eat it i would be very very appreciative. I have my training part down pretty good but that’s no good with out the diet part i have come to relise that.If someone can’t give me that info atleast if someone could send me in the right direction that would be great. Thank you to anyone who can help.

Tito–go on the T-mag search engine and search for the following articles:

  1. Diet Manifesto
  2. Massive Eating
  3. T-Dawg diet
  4. Foods that make you look good naked
    These will definitely point you in the right direction. Good Luck

Read the Diet Manifesto article and choose what is best for you. T-Dawg is good for more rapid fat loss. John Berardi’s Don’t Diet plan (Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION) is more moderate, but could be maintained for long periods of time without much problems. You could switch back and forth between the two. Be careful when posting a question like this because it is a very lazy question. Make sure you search throught the previous issues with the T-mag search engine and read the FAQ. Also, you should start at issue 1 and begin reading everything you can get your hands on. Good luck and keep us posted with the results.

Ok thanks for suggesting the t-dawg diet i think that it actually might work. But i have a question if anyone can answer it. Do i continue to take my protein shakes threw out the day? Or just eat what it’s says and take the post workout shake? Thanks.

I’m not sure I understand your question. What kind of protein shake are you talking about. Do the math regarding caloric intake. Newer guidlines allow 70 grams of carbs on non-workout days and 100grams on workout days. Also, you can bump the protein up a bit. Maybe shoot for at least 1g protein per lb bodyweight. Eat about 6 meals a day every 2-3 hours. For breakfast, eat maybe 25% of your carbs. Post-workout, eat about 50% of your carbs(preferably from a drink like Surge). The other 25% of your carbs will come from the carbs connected to your protein and fat choices. Split your fat and protein evenly through the other meals. Look at John Berardi’s article’s for how to pair food. I think Massive Eating food pairing works well on the T-Dawg diet.
Meal 1:pro + carbs + a little fat
Meal 2:pro + fat
Meal 3:pro + fat
Meal 4:pro + carbs (immediately after workout, Surge is great for this)
Meal 5:pro + fat (Mess O’ Greens Salad)
Meal 6:pro + fat
This is my twist on using the T-Dawg (90%) and Massive Eating (10%). Whatever you do, make sure you keep reading about the different ideas and find a good way to measure body composition to keep track of your progress. You can search for threads on the forum about using body composition and bioelectrical impedance as key words. There are several good threads that I’ve been a part of that should help you out. Good Luck. Keep us posted with the results.

Allright thanks , it’s alittle complicated but i will catch on to it all as a read more i am sure. I think i will start up the program on monday by then i should have read enough info to do it right. Thanks for the help and i will defently keep everyone posted to how i am doing.