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Help! Worst Genetics Possible!


hey,ive been trainnig for 2 years,and i have the worst genetics possible im a ectomorph but not that ectomorph very skinny very low body fat,compared to my genetics i would love to be like that,the thing is i have trouble gainning muscle and i gain fat easily before i starded working out i was a skinny fat but not the comon skinny fat,because when you think of skinny fat you imagine a skinny guy with love handles and beer belly,im not like that i gain fat in all areas specialy in the legs,my belly is the spot that i gain less fat,when i cut e loose a lot of muscle mass when i bulk i gain a lot of fat almost no muscle,

but all this doesnt work as an excuse cuz im here to listen to opinions of people that have experience in this type of body and others that want to give some tips,i have a good nutrinional plan and my current workout is 5x5 both have some flaws but nothing major,what do you guys think a should do for bulking?a lot of vegetables?cut the milk white rice and pasta,and put more oats and brown rice?and for the record my strenght is average to good in all muscles exept chest,and my quads and hamstrigs grow easily allways had strong upper legs,but the rest is f***** up very strange han?puttin a lot of effort in this and seeing almost nuthin is very bad to the mental part and very stressfull it affects my social life in alot of aspects,

im determined to get as far as my body allows me.. my status is 170 lbs 5.11 inches and my body fat its hard to tel but i have no belly but i also have no defenition in all my muscles im a bit bulky,any help is very very welcome.



you dont lack genetics. you just lack knowledge, possibly lack the ability to apply that knowledge consistently month after month, and expect too much, too soon.

-read the stickies. and then read them again.
-check your diet. when you think its fine, check it again. keep a log so you know what youre eating, count calories and nutrients so you have a good idea of where you stand. if you're not growing, eat more. it really is that simple. its just not easy to do it consistently.
-stick to a good beginner program. dont change anything. dont add in anything. just do it as it says.
-get your rest every night.

multiply by several years=good results.


This and remember to train HARD.

How old are you and what are your strength levels at the moment?


Don't panic.

Like Rob asked, where are your lifts at?


the fact that you can't spell nutritional correctly makes me wonder about your diet. Anyways, what kind of foods do you eat when you bulk or cut?


I have some shit ass genetics too, but that's just a piss-poor excuse for an underlying cause of the things your doing wrong (Intentionally or not). Write out your workout...reps and all.


theres no excuse for genetics. my dad was 18 years old 6 foot 2 inches and 135 and ate alot. hes like 170 now. my momma was really really skinny. now shes fat as hell and the laziest person i know. she cant walk up stairs.
im twice my dads size and im 15
u just needa eat right and alot. than you need to lift heavy and hard
just do it. you dont need to ask questions


Looks like you just joined, so you have a lot of reading to do (as others have noted).

BLUF: Eat lots of meat (steak, chicken breast, tuna fish) and lots of sweet potatoes and oatmeal plus some veggies. Eat until you don't want to anymore, then eat a bit more. Do that every day while lifting as heavy as you can. Take supplements and start reading. Genetics have nothing to do with your ability to gain weight, just the quality and shape of the weight you'll gain. I too am an ectomorph. I weighed 125lbs wet in HS. After figuring out the eating and heavy lifting, I got up to 225lbs (now down a bit from that). Don't blame your genetics--just buck up, eat a ton and train hard. That is all.


My genetics are terrible, too, but I have found the secret to overcoming my problem. Animals have GREAT genetics and I've found that you can absorb this superior DNA through your digestive processes. You have to eat a lot of animals to see a dramatic effect, but it can be done :wink:


On a more serious note, this could actually point to a hormonal problem. Low Test/high estrogen can cause men to gain fat predominantly in the legs and hamper muscle growth. I would suggest going to a doctor and having a hormonal profile done.


Dude, seriously?


OP: You're fat because you eat incorrectly. You don't gain muscle because you eat incorrectly. You probably also train shitty.


Hey bro, don't give up. While you will never be mr olympia, plenty of ectomorphs like yourself have gotten pretty jacked with the right training, diet, dedication and patience. Obviously what your doing hasnt been working...So it's time to make some changes.

Post up more specifically how you've been training and a day in the life of tiagoflex eating regime and lets go from there....


Seriously. Maybe his diet and training aren't up to par, but typically men gain fat in the midsection with very little on the extremities.


If you think you train hard, then you don't train hard enough. If you think you eat well, you don't eat well enough. If you think you rest well, you don't rest well enough. You can always be better at everything you do, and T-Nation is probably the place to start.


I've read this also. I don't deny that what you said isn't true. However I think it's far more likely that he simply isn't eating/training well, and those things need to be fixed (or verified that they aren't the problem) before looking at rare medical conditions. :slight_smile:




a) if you gain fat easily, you're not an ectomorph.
b) More importantly, don't even think about genetics unless you're competing or something.

Other already have the right idea. Eat better food. Work hard in the gym. If you're trying to build muscle, eat a surplus of calories (make it a modest surplus if you're worried about fat).


Thank you for quoting this, because I didn't read it the first time. I indeed LOL'd.


There are people in wheelchairs, people with debilitating diseases, even kids with down syndrome that make more progress with their physique in two years than you apparently have - do you really think it is because of "genetics"?

If you eat like crap, barely break a sweat when you lift weights, and aren't even 75% consistent with your eating and training, your body is going to reflect that.


There's always some misguided soul who comes along and says this. Ignore them. Yes, you do need to work out. But you also need to keep asking questions, reading, and learning.

A person who learns how to work out effectively and then works hard will always have way better results than someone who works out without a good plan or technique, etc. Ask, read, and learn all you can about technique, nutrition, and rest. (Rest sounds simple, but I know people who don't know how to rest)

Good luck!