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Help, Workout In Thailand


Hi, I'm in Thailand and not able to get proper protein. I can get a bit with every meal, but most of my calories are coming from carbs. I'm still eating 6x a day, but not getting my 1.5+ grams per lb of bodyweight.

My biggest concern is losing muscle and I'm curious if it's OK to do bodyweight exercises and cardio on alternating days or if I should just take it easy and do nothing (or just bodyweight exercises and no cardio for a couple weeks).

Any suggestions, opinions, or training regimes to deal with this situation would be much appreciated.



Bodyweight exercises would be fine..a little more info would be nice.Why are you in Thailand ? How long are ya gonna be there? I mean if your talking about just a few weeks or whatever then do your bodyweight exercises,try to keep your cals up and don't sweat the rest.


Tell your boss you'll stop working unless you get some decent food.


I don't think you really need 1.5-plus grams of protein per pound, especially as you are only doing bodyweight stuff and cardio for the time being.


I'm just here for a few weeks on vacation. I'm diving and in the water for long periods of time (6-7 hours), so my usual 2.3 - 3 hour meals aren't happening and I'm getting too much cardio as well as below adequate protein. Thanks for the responses. After the diving's over I'll take a day or two off then hit the bodyweight exercises and avoid any more prolonged cardio. I've decided to just be reasonable while on vacation and hit it hard as usual when I'm back.

Thanks again,


How about you just do the bodyweight stuff when you have time and try to enjoy your vacation. DO you really think a couple weeks is going to have that big of an impact?

It's a vacaction, try to have fun and hit the gym hard hard when you get home.


Can't you get your hands on some whey?

I guess the diving in itself is already a lot of cardio. Or am I wrong?


Bro, relax your in friggin Thailand. Enjoy your vacation it will go by quick. As a matter of fact, if you reduce your protein for a bit along with a layoff from lifting and when you get back crank it, you will prbably see some new growth. Take the time and do thing you don't usually do. Use that as a workout.


Yeah don't sweat it,enjoy your vacation. Just maybe you might benefit from a little bit of time away from the iron.

I remember the last actual issue of the original Testosterone Magazine, there was an article in there about Thailand..would really like to visit it sometime!


I'm not sure of you have an access to a mall on the island. If you do, go to a SUYAKI restaurant called MK.

There, you have a variety of meat and vegetable and anything you can think of.

Or you can also find a 'street' version of it called 'MOO GRA TAH' -- ???????? (asked the local). Now this one is all you can eat. You pay 85-100 baht per person, but you can eat as much as you want....well, it's all you can eat. You should be able to find this on the street.

There, you can order as many meat as you can. It's pretty like 'Fondue', but except for dipping in sauce, you dip the meat or vegetables in a boiling water or grill it on top of the 'pot'(?), let it cook, take it out on your plate and eat it with any available sauces

Or you also can eat 'GAI YAANG -- Grilled chicken

YUM NUA -- Thai BBQ Beef Salad or you could also order YUM GAI instead which is Thai Chicken Salad.

Especially while you are on the island, you should be able to order any type of fish dishes. And trust me, you get a whole fish just for yourself.

We have dishes that are protein rich, you just have to know what to order.



Thanks for the recommendations! I've found the chicken salads (a bit skimpy on the chicken), but finally found a couple places (not near my bungalo) with fresh fish. I had 700g of tuna the other night and a whole redfish tonight and it's wonderful. I'm done diving for a while so I'm going to try out some yoga, and I've also found a gym which I can reach after I rent a moped. I'm enjoying my time here tremendously, but since I'm by myself, I have lots of time, so why not make the time better by doing some exercise which I love?

I'll keep my eyes peeled for the street vendors with the all you can eat meats, but haven't seen them yet. Instead, I've found a few of the pancake stands and had that once or twice (man are those sinful!). Things are lookin on the up and up ^_^

Thanks again,


On what island are you?


There a lot of chicken and fish available there.


I'm spending my last night in Koh Tao. These last few days I've been getting pleanty of protein... I think it just takes a while to find what you need whenever you go somewhere new. Lots of fish and chicken salads (then the addidional fruit salad after workouts).

Off to do some kayaking and soak up the remaining rays!


enjoy yourself big man,, you are in the land of smiles. Cheap chicken on a stick is ok. Just east it alllll dayyyy looonngg. the protein will add up. Stay away from the milk!


oh wow! I wish I could be in Thailand right now, too...I miss it a lot!


Ahh, back from Thailand. Seems I can never get enough of vacation. Thanks for the help. While getting a massage in Bangkok the masseuse pulled a tendon in my leg for which I went to another masseuse for treatment. As a result, I did my first Tabata exercises (as can be searched on this site) since I couldn't really use my legs for about a week. When somewhat out of commission and without a proper gym, Tabatas are the shit (maybe I should say the puke... they fuckin killed me, and I'm a bit of a massachist)! I did them with push-ups one day, military press another, and table makers on the 3rd day before a day off.

Today I did my first cardio in a month (10 mins of rope jumping), and will hit the gym starting CW's new high frequency program. After a month, my lbm and bf% remained the same as when I left, so all was maintained! Trip was wonderful and I'm happy to be gettin back in the groove!

Take care,


You said you were 6-7 hours in the water diving!!What were you doing? Courses or fun-diving? I'm teaching diving here in Pattaya and I have NEVER heard ANYONE do 6-7 hour dives! Unless you're talking about extreme cavedives or deep worldrecord attempts.

Just curious!


Moose Divers, Pattaya