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help..withy my diet..

hi hoping i can get some advice on my diet can anyone share with me a sample diet for a day…i’m trying to gain some size…i’m 6’2 192…wana get to a lean 215…

There are tons of different diets in the previous issues of this magazine. Read them.

easiest diet is the protein shake/ meal replacement diet. you consume enough nutrients in an easy matter. laters pk

Sorry, but without AS it’ll probably take a lot longer than you think to get to a LEAN 215, your best bet is to bulk up to 225 and then cut down to 215. Don’t try to do this all at once though and become a slob like I see so many guys do. Try going up to 205 and maintain for a while then try to get to 215, maintain, then 225, and eat clean (don’t go on the burger king “I’m bulking” excuse). Good Luck, Jay