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Help with ZMA-too much zinc/magnesium

I just ordered some ZMA, but I need to know if I’ll be ok taking it since I will be taking 60 mg of zinc and 850 mg of magnesium. 15 mg of zinc in my multi, 15 from my calcium/mag/zinc supplement, and 30 from ZMA. 400 mg of magnesium in my c/m/z and 450 in the ZMA.

I’m 15 if that would make any difference, will I be ok taking this much zinc/magnesium? Maybe since the zinc/mag is with calcium the absorption wouldn’t be as good…no way to tell though.

Also, it will probably only be until I finish the cal/mag/zinc bottle and then I can get one with only calcium, but it’s a big bottle.

you should probably take more supplements, cause your 15 and all, so supplements should the be the “be all and end” of your training.
i didnt start taking anything till i was 18 and i still probably didnt need any of that shit.
-Drop the C/M/Z
-take a half dose of the ZMA at nite
-take the multi in the am

Brad, if you’re familiar with the difference between RDA and ODA, RDA is 15mg and ODA is 50mg. Even when taken at 10 times the RDA (150 mg) for prolonged periods, there are no adverse reactions.

ZMA 'round here is used because it helps people to get to sleep. It helps men (especially as they get older) to raise low testosterone levels. It’s also used by athletes and anyone who works out because rapid growth increases zinc requirements.

My recommendation since you’re getting some zine in your multi is to save your money on ZMA and put it into a good protein powder like Grow or a good PWO drink like Surge. Even then, the most important thing is that you’re eating GOOD food (forget the Cokes & fast food), lots of it, getting plenty of sleep and following a well-designed program. There are plenty here on T-mag.

I hope that helps. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Thanks, I want to take it for the recovery and sleep-I have really shitty recovery and I also don’t sleep well at all.

I have a good protein powder and a multi and besides ZMA, that’s the only supplements that I plan on taking for a long time, if not ever, unless I need something specifically. I believe that a good diet is a lot more important than the supplements you take, you can usually make up for not taking supplements with a good diet, but not the other way around.

By the way, T-mag is awesome. I’ve learned a ton from here.