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Help With YTWL


I would like to hear from those who have used, know it well, or have a good educated guess. My question is about first, body position. I see them done flat and on an incline. Either or both?

The second question is about hand position. For the Y part, at 45 degrees I see thumbs up. For the T part, are the thumbs supposed to be down, up or neutral? I guess the W's don't matter since it is an arm hang to a "It's good" field goal gesture.

Side question, if I still have your attention, I see it mentioned that rowing and benching strength shouldn't be too far off, and pressing to bench ratio in Charles P's pressing article, but I am curious if the wide chin to military press ratio has been explored more than in acheiving structural balance..


I do it on an incline bench. Y - thumbs up. T I do it thumbs pointing forward.

No idea about the 2nd part.....