Help with Wrist, Elbow Pain?

I know TMUSCLE is filled with rehab/prehab stuff to do for shoulder pain, but never found much about wrists and elbows (except for an article by Eric Cressey). I have no scientific proof for this, but I just thought, hey what about foam rolling or using a tennis ball/lax ball to roll over your forearms and upper arm?

I remember when I had knee issues and i did some foam rolling on my IT band and used a tennis ball to roll my calves and in a week my knees were whooooo, feeling good!
Now i know that legs are not anatomically identical to arms, but it’s something i can’t help but want to try.
Anybody have any opinions on this or better yet, information about this?!?!
Thanks guys

Ive got ‘bad’ wrists, they seem tight and dont have full ROM. I’ll try this for a while and let you know how it works for me.

A tennis ball or lacrosse ball works well for your wrist flexors and extensors. I like to put my arm behind my back with the ball between my forearm and the wall.

I’ve had this problem for a while, and while soft tissue work can help, I found the biggest help to be aggressively stretching my lats, pecs, and triceps. I also do some rotator cuff exercises every so often. This was all stuff I did for PT to avoid getting Tommy John surgery, and I found it let me start doing heavy presses again.

Interesting idea, I’d never thought of doing it there, I suppose it could help. However, from my experience, people with specifically elbow problems have shoulder problems that seem to be the root of the problem. A host of scapular disfunctions can place alot more stress on the elbows, somewhat akin to someone who has poor hip mobility has knees that bother them.