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Help With Workout


Alright guys I am looking for some suggestions here. I am trying to improve my numbers on the Olympic lifts, but I also want to get bigger (as my physique is not the greatest) and stronger. I have been doing the following workout for about 4-5 weeks and am looking to shake things up a bit. I need any advice on increasing strength, improving in Snatch and C&J and getting bigger.

Here go's:

Snatch 10x2
A1) Bench 5x5
A2) Squat 5x5
B1) Seated Rows 5x5
B2) RDL's 5x5

Snatch off Blocks 10x2
A1)Overhead Press 5x10
A2)Leg Press 5x10
A3)Wide grip Lat. Pulldown 5x10
A4)Good Mornings 5x10

Wednesday: off - Stretching only

C&J 10x2
A1) Weigted Dips 5x5
A2) Front Squats 5x5
B1) Supinated Pull Ups 5xwhatever I can muster usually no more than 4 --- I know I suck at these)
B2) Clean Pulls 5x5

Clean off Blocks 10x2
A1)Incline DB Bench 5x10
A2) Barbell Lunges 5x10
A3) V-grip Seated Row 5x10
A4) Glut-Ham Raise 5x10

On Tuesdays and Friday's I do each of the exercises in a circuit w/ anywhere between 15-60 seconds rest depending on how I feel. I like to do this in a circuit b/c it cuts down on time, which is very limited for me everyday. I know how to do the lifts with good tech. so don't worry about that. I am looking for help with exercise selection and set and rep schemes to reach the goals I mentioned earlier.



Honestly, that routine kind of sucks. If you're focusing on the olympic lifts, then lifts like the lat pull down, the leg press, and the bench press have no place in your routine.

I would suggest you stick to these exercises: snatch, clean, jerk, push press, romanian DL, overhead squat, back squat, front squat, pull ups, and chest supported rows.

For adding size, I would snatch and overhead squat every day, keeping the volume high and the intensity between 70-80% 1RM. Eat plenty, sleep plenty, and work in other exercises as you see fit.

Again, rely on the snatch, I never really liked the C&J for anything, as the snatch improves both lifts well.

Overall, just keep at it. Don't miss workouts and stay focused.




thanks for the input. Again, I am trying to improve my overall body appearance so that's why I have the LPD, Leg press, and bench in there. I may be trying to accomplish too many broad goals. I should probably focus on just one of the three i spoke of in my earlier post. I guess I want too much all at once.