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Help With Workout

Hey guys im in really desperate need for a new routine:

-I am a 17 year old male
-5’9 inches
-117 lbs
-been working out since November of last year but not got too serious until this summer
-My goals: Gain muscle mass about 5-8 pounds of muscle ( i know nutrition is a big part, and im working on it) increase strength of course also, I am a Cross country Runner
-This is the big reason im seeking help, Ive been on the same routine for a very long time. Im not too sure where to go with training as in sets/reps and what days to workout what
-ive made gains early when i first starting working out only bc that is what happens when u first workout
-my diet: i am a recovering anorexic. i try to get at a good 2000 calories in a day High protein; @ least 1 g/lb and good amount of carbs and eat a the daily recommendations of grains good fats etc.
-i currently take 100% gold standard ON Whey protein

my old training regime looks like this
monday: chest tris abs
tuesday: shoulders bis
wednesday: rest
Thursday: back and abs
Friday: Legs
Saturday: Chest Tris and abs
Sunday: Rest

i do about 8 reps with 3 sets with about every excercise…and really need to get some facts about good weight lifting to gain muscle amss about 5 to 8 pounds…thanks

Hey Serd,
Glad you found the site.

This thread should help get you going while you wait for the forumites to tune in.


Good to see you’re making some steps in the right direction. Keep it up.

You sound just like me, minus the anorexia. Leaving high school I weighed 120lbs at 5’11".

You’re definitely on the right track. Learning how to eat, and eat BIG, cannot be emphasized enough. I’m sure this is a struggle for you given your food issues in the past.

As for training, I would recommend sticking to big, compound movements: squat, dead, dips, and chins. And don’t be afraid to go heavy. The “skinny” mentality can be brutal and very self-defeating - I’ve been there. Try a 5x5 program.

Lastly, I ran track and cross country and didn’t make any good (muscle) gains until I hung up my competitive running shoes. I tend shy away from making blanket statements, but trying to add mass while running competitively is an uphill battle for sure.

Good luck!

thank you for your reply