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Help with Workout


Hey everyone I am 19 and have been on a strength workout for quite sometime and now I want to switch to a building mass bulking routine. I was thinking King Beef's 4 day. But I really wanted to workout 5 days without one of the days being an arm day. So his 5 day is out of the question. When I seem to train bis and tris same day I feel as though they dont grow. Suggestions? Also I have lost an inch on my arms and an inch and a half on calves. I know my diet is shit, but even at 19 wouldnt you think Id be growing?


Your diet is shit, so fix that. Argue all you want, if you don't fix, expect shitty results.

Will the earth stop to exist if you work out as described? No. Just do the program as described or do something else. Lots of 5 days program out there.


If your asking what routine you should do, you dont know yourself enough to say King Beef's plan would not work for you. If your diet is shit, you will not make progress.

What are your stats? lifts and bodyweight? how long have you been lifting?


how do you expect to grow if you don't eat properly? what do you think muscles are made from??


From Dreams dammit!
Everyone knows muscles are made from Dreams.


Finally caught you in a wrong.

It's Pixie Dust.


"Dreams" is the name of my Pixie.