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Help with Workout Routine

Hi guys. Actually Im doing working out routine of 4 days a week. It basically is. Monday 1 leg excercise, and the rest chest and triceps excercies. Thursday 1 leg excercise, and the rest back and biceps excercise. Thursday 1 leg excercise and the rest chest and triceps excercises. Friday 1 leg excercise and the rest back and biceps excercise.
My question is, as now I have started a roid cycle, is there any problem with training legs every work out day? I just ask because as with roids you train harder, I dont know if the legs would get enough recovery to train them every work out day (even if i only do just 1 leg excercise per workout day).
What do you guys recommend?
Day 1 excercise for legs is dead lift. Day 2 excercise for legs is “chargings”. Day 3 excercise for legs is “strides”. And day 4 excercise is “sumo squat”.

I would like to read some opinions.

Pick 1:
Full body 3x a week
Upper/Lower 4x a week



8 years

Contemplate steroids if you’ve actually made sufficient progress.

If you need help with your training, you shouldn’t be taking anything

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Your reply doesnt make sense. I have been working out for 7 years. Im just asking that because a trainer at my gym designed that work out program for me. And I know that being natty that leg split would work.
But it seems you hasnt read my thread. My question is as when doing steroids you can train a hell more intense. I was asking if would be fine to train legs every of the 4 training day. Being that despite of being just only 1 set of legs per day, I would train them so intense to the point of coming out the gym with difficult to walk. And the fact that next day I would have to train legs again (I repeat despite of being just 1 set)… It came to my mind the doubt if my legs would be recovered just in 1 day and If it would bring them time to even grow.
Or the fact that being only 1 set per day even at the intensity of roids, have enough time to recover and grow in 24hs?
Otherwise I was thinking on adding 1 more day to my program to just do purely legs that day with multiple excercises and several sets. But my trainer said that I would take more advantage and grow more with doing legs at least 2 times a week (he doesnt know im on a cycle).
And about my diet, I have a very good diet. Also a very good technique on every excercise.

What do you guys think?
Thanks for your help. Very appreciated.

If you inject low on your legs, like in your calves, will the 'roids stay more concentrated in your legs? So you could work legs harder?


Huh? Thats the biggest stupidy I have ever read lol. Some people say it happens when injecting winstrol that they get the IV area more developed, but It isnt even proben… lol

And I’m saying that if you can’t figure this out on your own, especially after 7 years of training, and you have a trainer at a gym doing your “workout programming”…

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It seems you dont know either. If you would know you would just answer, not acting hysterical like a woman. The hysteric attitude made you waste 2 replys and several sentences on this thread. Otherwise if you would know the answer you would just answer and end of the story… That wouldnt have taken you more of 2 sentences.
Offtopic: Are you on clomid? It seems too much estrogen there lol. Or are you a girl?

Thanks for the replies!

My testosterone is a little low right now. Come to think of it, I did just put a big load of it in your mother.


You don’t need help with your routine (which you haven’t posted, By the way).

You need help with the steroids.
You either don’t believe what you can do or what the roids can do.

Post in the right place to get a better answer.


Apologies on behalf of everyone tho given the opportunity I will trololol also.

Actual answer is you will probably be able to train them every one of the training days, depending on volume/intensity, but I would suggest trying out two days, three days and then all four days over a few weeks to see how you go. Will probably be alright tho.

I will now trololol so if you have your answer and are satisfied, fuck off. I’ma write this on principle anyways:

Frankly you seem to know very little about training and nutrition, at least from what you’ve written/questions you’ve asked. Many are able to learn and apply in one year what you’ve not been able to in 7. 7 years wasted fucking around apparently.

Troll responses are what happens when members of this forum (most being pro anabolics mind you) get sick and tired of dozens of teenagers and dudes who know barely anything about lifting and want to hop on the juice. These peeps have no business even thinking about drugs. Shit like this is what’s wrong with PEDs. “Stupidy” cunts like you.

Good luck and sincerely go fuck yourself



training for 7 years, posting in a beginners forum.

Sounds like time well spent to me.


How about you stride the heck outta here


I think you guys confused the dianabol pills with the clomid ones. Studies saying steroids affect vision were true after all. Bye ladies.


If you still have to ask basic question regarding lifting…you probably have no business messing around with cycles at this point.


I will be bloody honest… I dont give a rats ass if a guy is ON or not. But I will agree 100% that seeing teenager and guys whom know jack and shit have no business starting on them.


Since you would like some opinions, here is mine.

If you’re only doing 4 sets of legs per week, you’re essentially getting the same (maybe even less) volume than someone who trains legs hard once per week. If you do grow, just know that most of the work is being done by the soviet sports supplements. 4 sets of anything per week is not sufficient, with the exception of heavy deadlifts, and even then some people need more than that.

If you’re training 4x/week, I hope you are doing one day one, one day off for your split. If you’re training legs 4x/week with one set each time, you’ll be fine. The whole purpose of steroids is to enhance your recovery. By only doing one set each day, you aren’t doing enough volume to feel it the next day, especially since you’re on gear.

On the positive side, I think you’ll see some good gains on your upper body.

I don’t know what “chargings” or “strides” are, but I would replace them with a squat variation. As for the deadlifts, unless they’re clean deadlifts, I don’t think you’ll fatigue your legs even close to enough to stimulate growth.

My final opinion is: don’t do steroids. If you’re dead set on doing them, train more frequently and with higher intensity to get your money’s worth. Training with low volume 4x/week on steroids is like riding your bike everywhere when the sports car you’re leasing is sitting in the garage. If you’re going to spend the money on steroids, train like you’re on steroids. When you eventually stop taking steroids, then training 4x/week with lower volume seems like a better idea.

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