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Help With Work and Food

Hello everybody.

I’m 18, 5’ 10" 235 Lbs
I’ve been regularly eating 4500-5500 Kcal and training 3-5 times a week for almost 1 year now.
I’ve been keeping a strict log of all my food intake, training, sleep, and recovery methods since August 2006.

I had been previously working at a job allowing me to have at least a short break every 2-3 hours that I took to eat as quickly as possible.
This worked well as it allowed me to consume a satisfactory amount of calories even over long shifts.

At my current job I often am forced to go 7-8 hours without food.
Employees are allowed to buy food from the store after close.

However, this is still 5+ hours into my shift and I have no money to spend on buying food, as I am a high school student and not yet independently capable of doing so.

The only thing I can get by with is a handful of mixed nuts in my back pockets which amounts to 500-600 calories over 7-8 hours.

This is a big change from the 2000-3000 calories I would usually consume over that time and in 6 weeks the negative effects are obvious.

I am in a rut; I have no idea what I can do.
I’m posting here looking for any advice or ideas about how I can solve or improve on this problematic situation I have.

Please Help

Hmmm, you could take up smoking and then eating during your cigarette breaks :).

Seriously though, if you have no means of a break then you could try some fruits & have a bigger meal before work.

BCAA’s are good for halting catabolism, so that might help too. You could also try for liquid calories, maybe mix a 2L milk with 2 scoops of protein and sip on that throughout the shift?