Help with Weightlifting Exercise Variation

Coach CT

I am an ex-weightlifter who betrayed his sport and fell in love with grappling.
I am looking to build a program that will help me perform better in grappling but in the safest possible way.
I don’t want to continue getting the nagging injuries that weightlifting gives you but I still want to do at least a variation of the lifts.

From a long term health and performance perspective which variation do you think is the safest and most efficient to use as supplementary training for a combat sport?

I was thinking of something like the clean grip muscle snatch or a power vatiation of the lifts. What’s your take on this?

Well, Akkaev dropped from weightliftingto focus on judo and wrestling, so who are we to judge :slight_smile:

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For strength & power I like power cleans from block, power snatch from hang, muscle snatch from hang.

For conditioning (which is super important in grappling) I like complexes… something like:

3 power clean from the hang + 3 push press + 3 front squats + 3 Romanian deadlift

Coach thanks a lot for your answers :grin:

I always did complexes like that as a warmup. Should I go heavier on them and use them at the end of training sessions for conditioning?

On muscle snatch you believe its better to do it snatch grip or clean grip?

Also, do you do online training?

The weight is not that important for the complexes but I would go heavier than a warm-up. Basically the heaviest weights possible with not loss in technique and no need to pause during the complex.

Yes, the muscle snatch with a snatch grip is better.