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Help With Weak Spots

My name is Brandon, I’m 20 years old used to play football and have a lower back injury. I have been on and off workin out since high school for the last two years. For the past 4 months i have been workin out consistently 5-6 days a week. I have seen results but not as much as i would like.

When i started workin out again i started a mass building routine with 4x8 on alot of things includin 3 chest exercises 2 back exercises 3 bicep exercises three tricep exercises two shoulder exercises and some abs.

Now im to the point where i wanna lose weight and have lost like 18 lbs in the last month. i guess the real question is my problem spots have always been my traps my calves and my forearms… really any advice would be nice

Well by golly id say the easiest answer for all those prob areas would be heavy DL a LOT. That is if you can with the back injury.

What are you doing in your program for legs?? If you really want help id say give us info lay out what you do in the gym including progression etc


For weight loss do a search for carb cycling.

A lot of friends of mine have had great success with that.

As far as training I would suggest doing some sort of leg exercises.

Also if you can, try and walk once or twice a week for half a mile to a mile.

yea sorry, i forgot to mention that i do do legs, but mostly just squats and ham curls and lots of calves including calf raises and seated calf raises but i cant seem to find anything else and for my work out routine i do cardio every other day half hour on the elyptical. ok so heres my work out routine

Chest- DB flat bench 4x8 100lbs
DB incline 4x8 80lbs
pec flys 3x10 40lbs

Shoulders- seated shoulder press 4x8 65lbs
raises 4x10 30lbs
face pulls 3x12 150lbs

Traps- shrugs shrugs and more shrugs

Back- Bent over rows 4x8 100lbs
lat pull downs 4x8 200lbs

Biceps- Preacher curls 4x8 100lbs
Concentration curls 4x8 40lbs
21’s 70 lbs

Triceps- skull crushers 3 part 4x8 95lbs
Overhead rope triceps 3x10 150

Legs- Squats not with much like 220. i have a bumb left knee due to football so not that much and calf raises and ham curls

now give or take 10 to 20 lbs depending on the day and cardio every other day is that more detailed now?