help! with water loss

I was wondering if anyone could offer tips on how to loose water weight.I have previously read (and bookmarked) the “strut yo’ stuff” thread (awesome) by thunder and timbo and was wondering if they, or any other T-maggers would help me out with a slightly different situation. I am not a body builder, but rather a “bigger” guy and chronic yo-yo dieter (read: fat guy who likes to lift heavy). I usually gain and loose 20-30lbs a year. On Jan. 1 I made a bet with my buddies that I could be 220 lbs on Canada Day (july 1st), down from 267. As of today(mon.), I am 222.5lbs and I am confident I will make the weight. However, to make sure I weigh the lightest possible, I would like your esteemed opinions on how to cut my water. Would you recomend your advice from “strut yo’ stuff”, or something else (I’ve also read the swolecat article). Note: bf% and looks don’t matter, just that I weigh 220 + under. I am, however, around 15-18% bf. Briefly: I’m on a keto diet and my last refeed was 4 weeks ago.
This is my daily food, supps and workouts:
Per day:
water: 7 liters
supps: 50 mgs ephd. + 400mgs caf. x 3
T2 pro (just finished orig. T2)
herbal diuretic(started sunday)
Food: 4 cans tuna
4 tbsp flax oil
4 tbsp mayo
1 slice hard cheese
2 hard boiled eggs
1/2 cup cottage cheese
1 “serving” meat ie steak, chicken
breast, pork chop ect.
if really starving a few slices of lunch meat
3 servings fibre supp.
Workout: 4x per week power/strg.The last three weeks I have been doing my own bastardized version of edt. Ex. 15min as much squats as possible, 15 min as many deads as possible and so on using cleans, power snatches, cl + prs. ect.
cardio: off days 1 hour eliptical trainer. Lifting days 25 min pre workout, 15 min. hiit on bike post.
Before anyone starts flaming my food selections, lifting or cardio, please remember 2 things: A) This is the tail end of a six month diet, and B) my question is about loosing the last bit of water weight.
thank you.

this might not be helpful at all, but seem this is not for any athletic or visual sport, you could just not eat for the last day do some obscene cardio and a sauna… easily drop a few lbs.
not safe or sane but it depends how much under you want to be and how much money/pride is at stake.

whetu, thanks for the advice. I am actually planning to do something very similar to that, though I don’t have acess to a sauna. What I am looking for is advice about when (or if) to stop drinking water, cut/add sodium ect. I have read different articles about getting ready for a photo shoot or show, but they all discuss cutting water around 12 hrs. before the event in order to look good, with no regard to body weight.

Hmm. There’s an article in this week’s online magazine that covers just this.

the best “natural” way to lose water is to drink more! for several days (like about 3 gal in your case) and then just sip water for about 36 hours prior. your body will produce it’s own diuretic and continue to flush water after cessation.

obviously no carb refeed. i personally just used diuretics to make weight the last day and a half before a contest and then pounded the gatorade to rehydrate before lifting began.

 Whetu what kind of insane, inane advice are you spreading?

 If your goal is to look nice and defined naked, than why would you 'stop eating'the day before... This is T-MAG, not MUSCLE AND FITNESS HERS.

 Here, we're not proponents of methods which unnecessarily cause too much muscle breakdown. We're most of all not proponents of unealthy ways to lose weight - wether it be water weight or fat.

 You have some reading to do. Read last week's issue. Theres an article devoted to the subject i believe.

 It amazes me we still have people on these boards offering this kind of ridiculous 'advice' - and worse yet, that someone thanks them for it and USES it.
Also, to the poster: I am not trying to flame you. However I think a little criticism is warranted here. 

Why are you, at 15% bf trying to lose 'that last bit of water weight'? At 15% or even 14 or 13 or 12 or 11% you have no definition to come through. Losing water will do nothing for you and will only shortchange your performance at te gym. Do not worry about water weight unless your bf is under 10%.

To all people who have replied: Thank you. However, it seems that a few of you did not really read my post (deezlodawg, diesel23). I have stated that yes, I have read the swolecate article. I have also read and re-read the “strut yo’ stuff” thread as well. Let me re-state this: I am not a bodybuilder. I am not trying to get ripped. I am asking for t-maggers advice on how to loose the maximum amount of water weight so I weigh the lightest possible on July 1st. Bf% are irrelevant to me now, all that matters is how much I way. I welcome all posts, regardless of safety issues and/or effect on muscle mass. Thank you