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Help With Volunteer Work Abroad!

Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone in here has done any volunteer work abroad. I’m looking for something to do for a few weeks during summers, and wanted some information on the different opportunities out there. I used to help out and volunteer in the past when I was a Christian, but since I wouldn’t want to go with a church anymore, let alone my old church, I want to know what organizations specialize in this.

I’ve tried looking at The Red Cross, but there’s not much information aside from volunteering in hospitals and stuff, which is fine, but not what I’m looking for. For reference regarding more of what I’m interested in, I went on a mission trip with a team a few years ago to build houses for the people in Guatemala. Such a great experience. You usually have to pay a couple of grand, but it’s worth it.

I guess what I’m asking is if anyone has volunteered and gone abroad with a group of people they didn’t know. Was it weird, or did it just help you to focus on your work? Did you make friends? Where did you go? What kind of work did the trip entail? What organization was this work done through? That, or you can discuss any type of work like this that you’ve enjoyed. The more adventurous, the better, haha.

I’ve never done volunteer work abroad, but I’ve done volunteer work for a broad.

Seriously… what you’re planning is great. Best of luck to you.

Hahaha, nice. I hope she didn’t have you eating out of the palms of her hands, though. =P I like your new avatar, btw. It’s much cooler than your old one.