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Help With Vascularity?


I am trying to find out which gear would be best in assisting me with vascularity. I have heard that Methandriol Dipropionate is good, but does anyone know of something better.

I currently carry 7-8% bodyfat but my vascularity in my arms and legs are less that good. My chest, shoulders, and back have good to great vascularity. Any help would be appreciated..


IMO, if you're already at 7-8%, masteron/test prop/var.......6-8 weeks.


I understand Masteron / test prop, but what is var? Is masteron better for vascularity than tren?


IMO vascularity is genetic.

You can show off more veins by getting leaner, but ultimately vascularity - the degree to how many veins show, like everything else, is very much do to genetics.

Vasodialation now is another topic.


I was going to say the genetics thing too. If you're looking for a temporary approach, I've heard things about alcohol and vascularity, stuff about guys drinking red wine before shows. I'm sure P-22 can comment on this with his competition experience.


Train with a higher density. Shorten your rest periods up like shit. Thinking roids will create more veins or help show them off is just retarded. Bodybuilders get dense as hell, drop water, then spike the carbs to get the veins going. Some pro's like dexter and jay don't even have good veins.


I am not a naturally vascular guy. But test prop/tren/masteron - and a lower BF% - has given me a noticeably more vascular look. I have never had visable vascularity in my quads. But I do now.


ever put in a lot of high rep work
try 100 rep curls twice a day (before and after work) Yeah drugs could help but i think you may have to increase blood flow with high reps. As little as two to three weeks training high reps along with your regular routine should yield great results. Just a general comment but sometimes people automatically turn to drugs when it could just require a simple training change. Just try it for three weeks and drop me a line if I'm wrong. good try to find that magic cycle. If i'm right great.


also Viagra and AAKG helps a lot...


FLEX did an article on supplements that do this a while back, unless you are looking for a quick, un-natural solution. I'll look for it tonite and see if I can find it.

I tried AAKG by itself awhile back, and I'd say it does help after about 3-4 weeks. Then it was only when I was putting stress on the muscles, I wasn't any more vascular just sitting there, only while flexing after some time, lifting, or after cardio. Kind of cool, I never saw the branches in the vein that runs through my right bicep until I supplemented with it. But after stopping supplementing with it, they go back to normal.

Also Virgin Organic Coconut Oil made me more vascular after using it consistantly after a month. About 45 minutes after consuming a table spoon of it something just seemed to turn on big time, as far as energy and vascularity.


I find vascularity comes with leaness and i am talking 6% and below and hard heavy long training. I the body needs to supply more blood it will eventually adapt.......





genetics...i'm there..

I am at 13%BF weighing in at a mesely 195 and I have extreme vascularity in my arms..since I have been doing alot more volume and less rest though, I have noticed a sizable increase. At all times of the day there are veins just popping up in my arms like crazy


500mg of niacin along with some NO2 right before my workout brings the veins on like nothing else. Watching the sodium levels in your diet may also help. Genetics play a huge role as well. I have great vascularity all over my body, but cant seem to get a vein in my right bicep. I also noticed that when on gear the vascularity increases a lot.


Go with Synthelator. It is a product from synthetek. I know I recommend their products all the time, but they are one hell of a stand up company. I don't know if you want vascularity, just to look good on the beach or just be vascular. But if you've been dieting for a show, def give synthelator a shot. Shoot 5 ccs in each cheek, the day of the show (or event if you're not competing) you will hyperventilate for about 20 minutes (which sucks so if you have asthma avoid this product), then you will be amazed how vascular you are. A buddy of mine who competes had an extra bottle laying around and I wasn't competing but was still pretty lean, around 6%, but we were gonna go to a pool party later that day, so I used it, and holy shit, it was incredible. Give it a shot.