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Help with Understanding Labresults T3/T4 and More

20 years old with low T and (according to me) weird labresults. Was 19 and 18 when the test was done.

here is the 2 full rapports;
Test 2 Test 1 Ref
P-glucose. 5.2 and 4.9 4.0-6.0

P-Natrium. 138 and 138 137-145

P-calium 3.8 and 3.8 3.5-4.6

P-Calcium 2.37 and 2.37 2.15-2.50

P-fosfat 0.95 and 1.3 0.70-1.6

P-albumin 44 and 48 36-48

P-Kreatinin 78 and 90 <100

P-ASAT 0.40 and 0.37 <0.76

P-ALAT 0.44 and 0.34 <1.20

P-ALP 1.3 and 1.3 <1.9

P-GT 0.31 and 0.32 <1.4

B-leukocyte 5.6 and 9.2 3.5-8.8

B-erythrocyte 5.8 and 5.7 4.2-5.7

B-Hemoglobin 170 and 170 134-170

B-EVF 0.51 and 0.50 0.39-0.50

Erc(B)-MCV 88 and 87 82-98

Erc(B)-MCH 29 and 30 27-33

Erc(B).MCHC 331 and 343 317-357

B-Thrombocyte 200 and 239 145-348

S-TSH 2.5 and 4 0.3-4.2

S-T4 free 22.2(only 1 test on this and it was the 2 test) 12-22

S-T3 free 8.3 (same here) 3.1 - 6.8

fP-Triglyceride 0.76 and 0.75 0.45-2.6

P-cholesterol 4.7 and 4.6 2.9-6.1

P-HDL-cholesterol 1.5 (only test 2) 0.8-2.1

fP-LDL-cholesterol 2.8 (same) 1.2-4.3

B-HbA1c (IFCC) 30 (same) 27-42

S-Testosteron 13 (same) have done a newer one had 11 this year. 10-30

S-SHBG 21 (same) 15-56

S-Testosteron bioactive 7.8 (same) 6.3-16

S-FSH 2.2 (same) 1.0-12.5

S-LH 4.4 (same) 1.2-9.6

P-PSA 1.3 (same) <2

P-PSA free 0.47 (same) No range

P-PSA free/total quota 0.37 (same) <2

S-CDT, disialo (HPLC) 0.9 (same) <2

S-Prolaktin 196 (same) 56-278

Feel fre to ask any questions and i will answer as good as i can. :slight_smile:

TSH should be closer to 1.0
T3, T4, fT3, fT4 should be mid-range or a bit higher.
The lab ranges are rather useless and this misleads doctors.

Provide more info about your self and medical issues. What medications how taken.

How are you feeling and how has this been changing over time?

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There is a ‘thyroid basics’ link there for you to read.
Your labs are quite odd as fT3, fT4 are high relative to mid-range and TSH is high but should be lower because of fT3, fT4.
only explanation that comes to mind for this thyroid profile would be
elevated rT3. But this may not hold up to additional data.

What is you history of [not] using iodized salt?
Are your outer eyebrows sparse?
Get cold easily?
Stress a major factor in your life? accidents? surgeries? infections?

Red blood cells erythrocyte and Hemoglobin are both high end of range. This causes hematocrit/B-EVF to be high. Your blood is thick and should be thinner with low T levels. Blood will get thicker when you do TRT and you would be able to get benefit as a blood doner. You should avoid iron fortified foods or supplements. Males do not need iron. This may helps but not fix.

You have secondary hypogonadism. The cause is not elevated prolactin or elevated estradiol/E2.

We see a lot of young guys in your age group here that have low T. You are not alone here.

Your thyroid might have some relation to your low T. Sometimes a MRI is done to see if there is something visibly wrong with the pituitary. Did you have a large blow to the head or whiplash? That can damage the pituitary.

Tired pretty much all the time, no drive for quite some time.

0 medications, right now im on testosterone, not from doctor. The doctor said “normal” to all the labresults.

At that time i dont know, but now im using quite a lot of salt on my food.


Well, i’m often VERY warm BUT i do get cold hands and feet often.

Not really, did hit the back of my head when i fell backwards from a chair on to a very hard floor(think it bleed but no stiches or anything, but do have a scar there), nothing related to this, no.

Yes i know, that’s whats weird (high hb and low T) and i have thought about “polycythemia vera”, but no further investigation from doctor.

I have thought about that as well, that the T is being broken down very fast.

I wanted an MRI didnt get one, an tumor could affect GH as well right?

Look further up.

Other facts, before T i had very dry skin, i am very anxious, react a lot to coffeine, very often an “active” stomach it goes in to “overdrive” easily if anxious.

You did not indicate that the salt that you have been using is iodized.

Lab test IGF-1 is used to measure GH status. Do not do lab for GH itself.

Keep reading the stickies and you might find something that applies to you.

Energy levels:

  • Testosterone can reduce energy levels.

  • Thyroid can have a greater impact. We do see a lot of guys here with both problems. The foundation for your energy levels is the metabolic rate of the mitochondria inside your cells that make ATP, the universal currency of cellular energy. The metabolic rate of mitochondria is regulated by fT3 levels as part of the control look that controls body temperature. So body temperature is a very good indicator of thyroid function. There are key factors that support mitochondria such as anti-oxidants, CoQ10 etc.

  • Cortisol regulates your body on a time scale of minutes. If cortisol is low, you do not have energy. If energy levels vary during the day, cortisol levels are probably changing. The first step in this would be to check ‘AM Cortisol’ and that should be done at 8AM.

  • There are some nutrient factors such as vitamins and trace elements. Many have sub-optimal vit-D levels. You can do Vit-D25, the active hormone form of vitamin D. You could first start taking 5,000-6,000 iu Vit-D3 then test Vit-D25 later to see how effective that dose is for you.

Have you been exposed to fumes or chemicals at work or in your living environment?
Any aches/pains or muscle soreness?
Do you get any exercise? How has this changed?

How is stress a factor in your life?

  • accidents
  • illnesses/infections
  • allergies
  • daily stress
  • major stress events

Please check your oral body temperatures as suggested in the thyroid basics sticky. This will indicate the overall balance of your thyroid function.

Where are you located? Wondering about what hormone medical services are like there.

Further reading: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitochondrion

It has 5mg iodine /100g salt.


I do take testosteron myself now(moderate dose, 500mg/week with 0.25 arimidex). So i dont think it has to do with that.

i just took the temp under my arm, its 21:30 here, i ate about 30min ago, the temp was 36.8Celsius.

Well this is hard to know because i dont really feel any difference since i do not have a job to go to so quite hard to feel the difference. But i usually feel more “awake” in the afternoon. And almost like in a coma in the mornings.

I take 2000IE tablett Vitamin D a few times a day when i remember, BUT i have looked at Vitamin D levels before and they said that it was normal.

Not that i’m aware of.
Not really.
I go to the gym, at least 4days a week. I was on testosterone before, went from 96 to 108 then 102kg last november, better shape than before but then i went off to take a new testosterone test (the 11nmol) and gained A LOT of wheight, from 102 to 120kg didnt work out November to april but i have started again and started testosterone again in april i still weigh 120kg.

i have/had asthma.
Had allergies cat/grass.
Not really any daily stress factors but i am quite nervous as a “base” state.

36.8 under arm like i wrote higher up.

I read the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitochondrion, and i saw that autism came up, i have mild autism “asperger”.

EDIT; Today 6 june monday, i took the morning temp under the arm and in my mouth they both came back at 36.3Celcius.

EDIT 2 Today 7 june tuesday morning temp, mouth 36.1 and armpit 36.0Celsius

Bump, Bump, no one has any input?