Help with TRT

Yes I made a new thread to make it easier to look at things and try and give more info… I included previous info. Currently i am taking test cyp 100mg/ml and 1.5 ml per week i have just this week started to split the injections and if i can get insulin needles will be starting SUB C injections…


-height:6 foot

-waist:32 but more like 35 at navel (bloating)

-weight:185 ilbs

-describe body and facial hair: No back hair, facial hair is pretty solid around Go T but
blotchy everywhere else, hair on forearms and legs, small amount of chest hair.

-describe where you carry fat and how changed: always seem to have carried fat in abdomin and love handles some in chest. skinny everywhere else

-health conditions, symptoms:Dull pain in joints: forearms, wrists, hands, feet, ankles, knees. Knees and ankles feel week. Redness can be seen in knuckles more predominate at times.

Tingling in hands and sometimes feet

Rib pain: very frustrating, I find myself holding my breath as too not feel it when sitting, not even sure if its ribs or under ribs on right side feels like whole right side from hip to ribs is inflamed. Could this be or be combined with liver pain??

Strong hip pain right side: Hip flexor, groin, lingual area, outside of hip, seems to be gradually becoming worse and radiating more.

Low back pain: Extreme at times can’t walk properly, trouble sleeping because of pain. As an example if I were to jump when feeling the pain it feels like something is bottoming out.
Muscle cramps, twitching, spasms, muscle loss.

Tooth decay: pieces coming off my teeth.

IBS: have been hospitalized with a pain below the belly button that put me out cold on the bathroom floor, woke up hours later.

Acid reflux; have had this for years

Umbilical hernia: upcoming surgery, surgeon said would only cause localized pain.

Cognitive issues: Slower thinking (brain fog). Find myself staring into space. Not retaining what I read very well or the same as I use to. Have trouble focusing while reading and words become blurred

Weight gain: mostly in abdomen love handles

Hair loss: After a bath can at times physically see a ton of hair in the tub. Plus hair is very much thining

Low body temps: have been as low as 94 degrees upon waking almost never getting to 98… Excessive sweating while sleeping

Dry brittle toe nails. Split easy.

Calcium deposits or white dots on face under eyes

Have had some problems with boils have scars and have had to lance them. Also having issues with pimples that never come to the outside of skin and just stay there.

Blood sugar dropped to 2 in Edmonton at a concert, had eaten four times that day and had 2 beers max also has happened a few times since.

Headaches almost every day mostly temporal area but also in the back of the head, have had migraines in my life

Very foggy in the AM, takes hours to wake up (taken coffee out of diet)
Over sleeping

Yawning all day

Not hungry in the morning yet very hungry at night

Ear problems.

Extreme Hot flashes: I would have thought maybe andropause but still have them :(. They seem to come more with the pain or maybe even stress because of the pain??

Social anxiety: Decreased tolerance for people.

Complete lack of energy and fatigue most of the time

fatty liver and pancreas,scoliosis not really bad but about 25 degrees

-Rx and OTC drugs, any hair loss drugs or prostate drugs ever. NO

-describe training: not over training, finding it very hard to even work out

testes ache, ever, with a fever? NO, maybe since trt a little

how have morning wood and nocturnal erections changed: morning wood is improved since trt

I worked underground for 4.5 years on a tunnel project and was ingesting dust and diesel fumes. Also silica exposure may have been a factor.
Old labs prior to trt


TT 18.0 … M; 7.6 - 31.4 nmol/L
FT/ 17.8, 24.9, 27.0, 29.0… 31.0-94.0 pmol/L
LH/ 4 … 2-9 IU/L

Estrodiol/ 128 … <157 pmol/L
TSH 1.610 … 0.35-5.00 mIU/L
prolactin/ 4 … < 18 uh/L
fsh/ 6… 2-12 IU/L
DHEA-S never measured :frowning:

fasting cholesterol 5.09 mmol … Desired <5.20 mmol/L
fasting glucose serum/ 5.2 mmol/L … 3.6-6.0 normal fasting glucose

LEUKOCYTES 10.8… 4.0-11.0 X10^9/L
ERYTHROCYTES 4.5-6.0 X10^12/L
HEMOGLOBIN 163… 135-175 GL
HEMATOCRIT 0.470… 0.400-0.500 L
MCV 89… 80-100 FL
MCH 31.0… 27.5-33.0
MCHC 348… 310-360
RDW 11.2… LOW 11.5-14.5
PLATELETS 252… 150-400 x10^9/L
MPV 8.2… 6.2-13.4 FL
ABS NEAUTROPHIL 7.3… 2.0-7.5 x10^9/L
ABS LYMPHOCYTES 2.5 … 1.0-3.5 x10^9/L
ABS MONOCYTES 0.6… 0.0-0.8 x10^9/L
ABS EOSINOPHIL 0.3… 0.0-0.5 x10^9/L
ABS BASOPHIL 0.1… 0.0-0.2 x10^9/L
SED RATE 2 0-20 MM/HR acth 2.7 …<10 pmol/L
rhuem factor <10… <14
hydroxy VitD 67… insufficiency 25-75 nmol/L I supplement every day since this :slight_smile:
antinuclear ab… negative
glucose serum …5.2…3.6-6.0 normal fasting glucose
cholesterol 5.09… <5.20
triglycerides 0.49… <2.30 mmol/L
hdl cholesterol 1.28 … M: >=1.00 mmol/L
LDL cholesterol calc 3.59 … mmol
TC/hdl ratio…4.0
B-12…321 way above par
Farritin 141ug/L…80 to 300 Ug/l
Tsh… 0.62… 0.35-5.00 miu/l
hemoglobin aic 0.57… 0.40-0.60 non diabetic
cortisol random 256…65-540 nmol/L
psa 0.34ug/L

HEMOGLOBIN 147…M:135-170
RBC…4.77…M:4.20-5.70 X 10E12/L

Alt is a little bit high at times i also have a fatty liver and pancreas…

waking body temp: 96 and 96.8
mid afternoon body temp: 98.6
march 19 waking:96.7
mid afternoon: 97.8
march 20 waking 97.6 mid afternoon 97.8
friday march 26, waking 96.7 mid afternoon:97.1,97.8
I never get over 97.6 and waking is usually 96.7


TSH (1.08)…35-5.00 mIU/L

T4 FREE (17)…12-22 pmol/L

FREE T3 5.8… 2.6-5.7 pmol/L HIGH



Doc tells me this has nothing to do with body temperature and this isn’t a problem and he can’t help me!!

Has no idea what RT3 is?

NEW LABS: after TRT (more to come)

PSA 0.36… UG/L

TT 33.5 … 7.6-31.4 nmol/L HIGH
E2 124… <157
FT 62.1… 31.0-94.0 p,ol/l
CHOLESTEROL 4.27 < 5.20
TRIGLYCERIDES 0.52… <2.30 nmol/L
HDL O.99… >=1.00 mmol/L LOW
LDL 3.04
AST 32…<37 U/L
ALT 59… <46 U/L HIGH
DHEAS-S 7.1…4.34-12.2 UMOL/L

Ok I just dosed .75 and will try 2 times a week. I have no option for hcg and I’m not buying from steriod dealers. I may just get off the shit all together. I can’t get the labs I want or when I want them. Doc says free T is fine and will not budge on dose as total was over. And it was the sixth day.

I never said hcg or the protocol was bs just trying to find a different doctor but what can I do when they don’t agree?

Dr E Berry Gordon says this protocol is bullshit. Find him on you tube.

Is it ok to inject .75 sub q?

Also do u think e2 will raise now with lowering the dose? I’m just not sure about anything. Why isn’t it just a set protocol for everyone? I honestly wish I never started this shit. As you can see my e2 dropped four points after trt but ya not much. Concern about dropping dose two times weekly is that it will leave receptors open for estradiol to move in?? maybe sounds stupid but a concern as I don’t want it higher… Could high e2 cause muscle and joint pain?

NEW LABS: 2013/14/16

EGFR 89… > 60
CALCIUM 2.43…2.20-2.65 MMOL/L
MAGNESIUM 0.95… 0.65-1.05 MMOL/L
ALBUMIN 45…35-52 GL
URATE 236…200-400 UMOL/L
HDL 0.95…> 1.00 MMOL/L
LD 150…110-215 U/L
CK 48…<225 U/L
GGT 20…<60 U/L
AST35…<37 U/L
ALT 49…<46 U/L
HEMOGLOBIN162… M:135-170 G/L
RBC 5.42… M: 4.20-5.70 BY 10E12/L
FREE TEST 65.5… 31.0- 94.0 PMOL/L
TSH 2.15…0.35-5.00 MIU/L
SODIUM 138…135-145 MMOL/L
POTASSIUM 5.1…3.3-5.1 MMOL/L
CHLORIDE 100…95-108 MMOL/L

What meds, OTC or Rx. Wondering what is going on with liver.

Can you get switched to T 200mg/ml? Ask pharmacist first.

[quote]KSman wrote:
What meds, OTC or Rx. Wondering what is going on with liver.

Can you get switched to T 200mg/ml? Ask pharmacist first.


No meds at all… GNC mega multi, vit D 3000 iu daily, b complex and probiotics and milk thistle

Doc doesn’t seem concerned with liver found slight infiltration fatty liver. Liver is normal size. will ask for biopsy once i’m done hammering him with my other issues…

found same readings in pancreas. change in pancreas is seen

Can be switched to 200mg/ml but have three bottles of 100 mg/ml right now and doc will want that used first… the only 200 mg/ml solution i have found here is test E. I asked doc if I could switch after this script. he said yes no problem and asked me how i know this shit…

I don’t know why you need a new thread, I noticed you again included this Dr. Barry.

I had already answered that the guy is full of it.

As mentioned above I did it to bring labs closer together… Do I really need to explain myself? It’s a thread… I asked already if I should just get off the stuff. No one has told me yes stop. I can’t get hcg or ai except from a steroid dealer or research chems and I don’t want to gamble with what may or not be in it… Tuna I like you but if I want to make a thread ill make a thread… I did it to be helpful…

[quote]iw84aces wrote:
As mentioned above I did it to bring labs closer together… Do I really need to explain myself? It’s a thread… I asked already if I should just get off the stuff. No one has told me yes stop. I can’t get hcg or ai except from a steroid dealer or research chems and I don’t want to gamble with what may or not be in it… Tuna I like you but if I want to make a thread ill make a thread… I did it to be helpful…[/quote]

I posted on another thread the cabergoline has been making me act bipolar. Not my usual self lately.

I like you as well, I’m not trying to be an asshole I thought your other thread was understandable a lot of your situation and progress is there.

I wouldn’t mess with steroid dealers either. It’s a pain in the ass to to find a good doc who will help you.

You want to remain fertile correct? Then HCG is important. There is a website called safemeds4all
some guys here use it, but you should definitely research. So are there any docs at all near you who prescribe HCG? It is amazing they give it to people on diets, but so few will prescribe for TRT. Maybe tell them you or an a diet? I don’t know, it sucks I know.

As for AI have you tried natural stuff if you can’t get RX?

The doc you mention is a clown who puts patients on 400mg injections every two weeks.

fertile would be nice but I’m old enough and have enough problems that i think me bringing a child into this world may be a bit unfair to them… I feel like im 60 at 34 that would be a big stress from me. On the other hand I would like to keep my balls working incase lets say they took T off the market or it effected me some way i had to get off it or it just became to expensive.

I have a phone concultation with a guy from life balance… I have no idea how it will go but I’m trying…

I am thinking about dropping trt until i find a doctor who will help me properly… I have tried natural stuff as far as diet but to tell you the truth i hate taking pill after fucking pill… Parents mmade me take ritlan as a kid… can’t stand pills…i can’t even get a damn blood test when i want it or make mention of why i want the E2 bloodwork in fear that they will just pull me off T cold turkey and ill end up begging the steriod dealer im talking shit about for nolva and an AI!!! lol

The guy took the time out of his day to answer me which is more then i can say for my own doctor… I am starting to see what your saying…

Canuck on HGC monotherapy. There is hope in Canada :stuck_out_tongue:

Going to my family Doc today… I’m sure I will get no where as usual… anything I could say to him that might incline him to help??

Tell him that you have been studying these things for hours a day for ?time? and ask if he can cooperative and open to learning as he sees you progress.

Ya i tried that…He told me im going to go crazy and he doesn’t see anything and he can’t help me… I threated to report him because your can’t just leave someone in this kind of pain so he has ordered two MRI’s but only to appease me im sure and only cause i fought back… I get nervous when i’m in there cause it seems like im going into a fight and really I am new to all this…

I may know a little but I am not you and can’t argue back about some things as my memory is even worse when it is under stress… He will not give hcg and said I spend to much time on STEROID forums… and wouldn’t even test e2… he tested my free t over and over til he got a just in range result and said im fine it must have been an infection or something. then i retested and was low again… I don’t need another year of all this to go on… My urologist is the one who has me on the T and he said this is basic stuff u need T i give you T it’s that simple lol…

could you please tell me if .75 sub c is ok

Just came from the docs. I got him to test igf-1,insulin,acth,and cortisol. he did not put fasting should i fast anyways?

He started talking about depression meds and i told him no way… I am in pain and it is prohibiting me from working as i work a physical job. Maybe the fact that i don’t know where I will get money from when it runs out and the fact that my doctor is guessing at a diagnosis and telling me it could take ten years to be diagnosed may play a role in stress… he asked why i wanted igf-1 tested and i slapped a document from endo jounals on the desk showing that fatty liver causing decreased igf-1 levels… also slapped some info on rt3 on the desk as he doesn’t even know what it is… How the hell can you get help from doctors who arn’t educated enough to help…

Most docs are idiots, what can we do?

Nobody knows your body like you. If they are closed minded and won’t listen it is frustrating.

I’ve been there and there as well. The only thing I can suggest is researching the crap out of every potential doc before making an appointment. I would look for a thyroid expert and then a TRT expert.

Usually its hard to find an expert at both.

I need more then that… and researching doctors is pointless here, they all suck!!!

I don’t know what part of Canada you and the youtube guy are from, but if you’re close maybe you could ask his docs name?

I really don’t know what to tell you.

Have you looked in to safemeds4all?

Why would they stop your TRT if you ask for E2 test?

What kind of doc is that?

I personally would go to a random doc not tell him anything about trt get a lab form add E2 myself, never ask for a follow up appointment tell the front desk I’m moving and ask for a copy of the results. Just show up without appointment and ask.

How about out of pocket E2 test is that possible in Canada?

E2 is listed… whatchu talkn bout willis?

what i meant is my doc urologist isnt an idiot… He is very good at his job and he does care he just isnt a pro trt guy… if he saw my e2 drop alot he would know something was up.If he thought i was combining other drugs without his approval or consent he would stop treatment im sure. i’ve already had the conversation with him about hgc and an AI and showed him ksmans proticol sticky… he said he would look into it but he won’t and prolly wouldn’t know where to look… If tomorrows consiltation doesn’t go well i may just jump on a serm and get off this stuff until i can get proper help…

I got confused with these two posts:

“i can’t even get a damn blood test when i want it or make mention of why i want the E2 bloodwork in fear that they will just pull me off T cold turkey and ill end up begging the steriod dealer im talking shit about for nolva and an AI!!! lol "
" much time on STEROID forums… and wouldn’t even test e2.”

I don’t know if you should just jump off.

Do you feel better or worst on TRT?