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Help with TRT Test Decrease After 20 Weeks

Maybe someone here will know what’s going on with me. So my preliminary test showed test at 395 (Free Test 16.1pg/ml) 20 weeks ago.
Dr puts me on 75mg test cyp 2x week. Also HCG 2x week.
8 weeks later I’m up to 1029 (Free Test 19.9pg/ml). I feel great and looking good.
Now 11 weeks later I’m only at 437 (Free Test 16.1pg/ml) and I haven’t changed anything?
So Dr thinks my body has adjusted/adapted and ups my test injections to 100mg 2x week.
Two weeks later my new results show my test up to 765 (Free Test 27.5pg/ml).
Any idea why my test was 1029 and then tanked?

The discrepancy you experienced could be many different things, lab deviation, timing of lab draw in relation to injections and the body going through changes.

When I first started TRT I was getting crazy high numbers in the beginning, then as time went on I found my levels had decreased by a lot and had to make small dosage adjustments.

Things usually plateau after about 2 years which has been my experience twice as I took a break from TRT for 8 months at one point.

Also your hormones are still going to fluctuate on TRT.

I had bloodwork done at the same, two days after injection. So I should expect to increase my dosage until my body stabilizes and it will probably take awhile?
Can I ask why you took some time off from TRT?

You are drawing labs at peak (48 hours) and instead of at trough, so your labs are going to show levels at their highest and not at the lowest point which is what you want. If you were to test the morning right before your injection, I would expect hormone levels to be lower than they are at 48 hours after the injection.

Leave it alone for now. It’s also a possibility that the 437 ng/dL test result is a lab error if your new labs have anything to say about it, you’ll know in 4 more weeks.

Also realize after dosing changes hormone levels will be in flux and will stabilize in 6 weeks (5x the half-life) and then your body will begin to adapt and then you should start feeling the affects of said protocol.

I started TRT with low iron levels and a very low iron saturation level and later developed iron, potassium, Vitamin D and vitamin C deficiencies. Do to the severity of the symptoms from all these deficiencies I stopped TRT and started supplementing to get all my levels up, then went back on TRT.

How much hcg ?

What was your SHBG during these different protocols?

My guess would be since androgens lower SHBG you just ‘used up’ more testosterone while on the 75mg 2x plan. You could increase the frequency of shots, or up the dose like your dr did.

Edit: this is assuming labs were taken at trough each time and not at different points.

Should be checking labs at your lowest point, right before your injection. It’ll make sure that at your trough you’re still in high-normal range