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Help with TRT Results-Updated with 2nd Labs


Anyone with advice? Maybe elevated estrogen from second lab is the problem?

Going on 6th week of TRT and thyroid meds.

Week 1-4 600mg test cyp IM every 2 weeks. 100mcg synthroid and 25mcg cytomel.

Met with doc discussed results and ran new labs. Results side by side with first lab.

Doc bumped to:
400mg test cyp per week and upped to 150mcg synthroid and 35mcg cytomel. Instead of doing 1 shot every two weeks we switched to 2 shots per week (200mg each shot)

He wants to push all levels to top end of ranges and see how I feel.

.25 mg arimidex on shot days.

Can't say I've noticed much of anything other than increased sex drive. That's huge because it was non existent. Was hoping to have dropped some bodyfat at this point and increased energy.

Am I being impatient and need to stay the course or could it be possible I've messed myself up (history below)and just not responding?


Started lifting at 12. Worked out 5-6 x per week following bodybuilding splits.

Messed with several cycles of anavar between 17 and 19 years of age. 50-80 mg daily for 10-12 weeks at a time. Probably did 6 cycles. Got crazy strong and ripped.

21 years old had nerve and muscle damage in left tricep from ruptured disc. Doc put me on test cypionate to bring strength back. It worked. Got two shots per week until I was 28. 200mg each shot. Moved out of state and quit getting shots. By the time I was 30 I felt like shit. Wheels fell of at 32 and I've been trying to regain health. Been down the road of adrenal fatigue and everything from parasites to candida to neurotransmitters etc. none of the treatments seemed to do much.

I also used propecia from 22-29.

45 years old
Low energy and gaining lots of bodyfat regardless of diet and training. 185-230 in a year. Training and nutrition did not change to cause weight gain.

Here are my last labs from August.

I was using compounded cream when blood was drawn and put it on forearms an hour before blood draw. Most likely rubbed over draw site.

Age 46
Height 5"10
Weight 230

Here's what my labs show: 8/6 on left 9/21 on right. Only measured a few items.

Total Cholesterol 252 230
LDL 180 170
HDL 69 41 (this tanked)
Triglycerides 46 95
AM Cortisol 15.6

Fasting Insulin 2
Free Fatty Acids .41
Glucose 90 72
HbA1C 4.8
Vitamin D 34 (using 15000 IU Daily)
TSH 3.74 .044
T4 7.0 Range 4.5-11.7 8.0
T4 Free 1.22 Range .93-1.7 1.18
T3 95 Range 80-200
Free T 3 9/21 lab 4.3 range 2.0-4.4

DHEA-S 152 before supps. 336 after taking 50mg daily Range 44-331
Estradiol <5.0 Range <12-42.6 (I'm taking arimidex 2 x per week)
Testosterone 760 This was while using compounded cream. I used it the day of blood draw and it's possible I put it on the blood draw site. Prior to using the cream my levels were in the mid 150's per blood and 19.1 per saliva
Free Testosterone 12.62 Range 4.7-24.4

Total Estrogens from 9/21 measured 251 but didn't separate out
Testosterone Total from 9/21 1056
Free Test from 9/21 25.2 range 6.8-21.5

Liver tests were all good.
CBC with Differential all good
Omega 3 Fatty Acids were good

Advice appreciated.


Anyone? Advice? Doc said I should up Arimidex to 4mg per week.


From what i have read , 400mg of Test is not a traditional TRT dose . That being said , your labs don’t coincide with the amount you are using . Also 4mg anastrozole is not a typical dose for men


[quote]Sir toddington wrote:
From what i have read , 400mg of Test is not a traditional TRT dose . That being said , your labs don’t coincide with the amount you are using . Also 4mg anastrozole is not a typical dose for men [/quote]

The labs were drawn last week. Labcorp. From reading the stickies I’ve seen 1mg arimidex per 100mg test recommended. Doc agreed. So what’s your advice? Unless the labs are incorrect those are my current numbers. What should they be with the amounts I’m using? Is the high E completely blocking results or could earlier history have caused problems?