Help with TRT Protocol, Noob Here

Unfortunately I only have Sustanon and then oils an irritant done sub q and not recommended. When I’ve got access to cyp or test e, I definitely will!

Ivd used Sust subq extensively. Its fine.
Either a 30g 13mm needle straight in at 90 degrees or 27g 20mm at a shallow angle.

Slow and smooth with the plunger

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Thats really interesting. There’s a few sources saying its a no go. I haven’t tried it.

Any ideas what to expect going from IM to subq?

Keep the doesage the same?

What about regularity? I currently pin e3d or e4d. Same quantity of T across 12 days just sometimes do 4 x 1/4 vial and other times do 3 x 1/3 vial (250mg across 12 days).

Personally i don’t need frequent pins, E7d is plenty for me, can also do 1 x 250mg shot of Sust E14d (IM for that volume of course) and still be over the ‘normal’ range at trough.

Give it a go, thats the only way to know.

Some say it absorbs more slowly subq, makes sense i guess

Stick to your usual dose and schedule then you will get a direct comparison :+1:

The other thing with subq is you can potentially only hit the the same spot 1 in 6 at most.

Both thighs, upper/lower abdomen both sides

SubQ gives me welts so its a no-go. Wifey pins my delts for me using the 1/2" small gauge pins. Otherwise, I’m not sure I could do it.

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I tried sub-q in my quads once, it burned so badly I only IM in my glutes ever since.