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Help with TRT (Pre TRT Levels Included)

After visiting an urologist decurrent to a testicle pain, I did some exams and it was constateted that they are allright, but are reduced in volume. He asked me a hormonal checkup and these were the results:

I was surprised with the results, cuz I have an active life, well balanced diet and my total T used to be on the mark of 550 on my 20s. Im 30yo now.

It was sugested that I repeat the exams, and these were the results this time:


I consider the total T levels very low for my age, and this kind of make sense to me, because I have low libido/sex drive, fatigue and brain fog and its very hard to build/maintein muscle mass(skinny guy, low bf)

I’m very interested on TRT, knowing the beneficts it may proportionate to me. The problem is that here in Brazil, most of the doctors are relutant about this subject. The use of testosterone is kind of demonized, and most of them just say that I don’t need it, it’s allright with me, etc…

I decided to do it all by myself, while keep on looking for a doctor who understands about trt and can help me.
I have acess to testosterone cypionate. I would like to have some opinions about my case, if trt is really needed, and tips about how to start, posologies, etc…

I found lots of information reading this forum. Thank you very much. And sorry for the bad english, I’m from Brazil.

Also did magnectic resonance imaging to exclude the possibility of pituitary tumor, and thank God, its not the case.

Your testosterone is low, here in the US you would qualify for TRT at 286, the levels found is old men. TRT is demonized here as well, not to the same degree as other countries and as new studies shed light on the benefits v.s risk, more docs are coming around.

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Thank you for the reply.
Most of them only treat numbers. If you are within the reference, you don’t need treatment, it doesnt matter if you feel like crap. Others will treat you like a steroids junkie, if you say that you work out and ask about using exogenous testosterone. Its complicated.

But based on my levels, could you suggest me a good protocol to start? Frequency, IM or Subq, etc…

150mg/week, split to 2 or 3 injections per week. I do Monday Wednesday Friday personally.

And that’s it. Give it a few months.

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