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Help with TRT--Newbie Labs included

Hi All

I originally posted some of this in the wrong forum and was redirected here. Hope I’m including the right info.

I need your help. My doc has recommended 3 CC of Test Cypionate every two weeks and possibly wants to go up to 4CC every two weeks. He’s open to letting me do multiple injections per week as opposed to every two weeks. He also put me on 25mcg of Cytomel daily and will modify as needed.

I’ve been on compounded testosterone cream for 1 year. 200mg applied twice daily. (400 mg total) Didn’t really notice a darn thing.

Over the last year I’ve put on 40 lbs of fat and feel like my body is not my own despite training hard 5-6 x week and eating a very healthy diet. This is confirmed through DEXA testing. The fat gains have been mostly on my back and waist with some on my arms and butt. I’m not a newbie to nutrition or training. I’ve been in the industry since I was 12. I need help with TRT. Totally out of my realm.

Is what he’s recommending correct? Should I split the shot’s up into 2 x per week? Should I do subcutaneous into the abdomen or into the glutes? I want to make sure I do this right and all input and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


Age 46
Height 5"10
Weight 230

Here’s what my labs show:

Total Cholesterol 252
LDL 180
HDL 69
Triglycerides 46

Fasting Insulin 2 Range 3-9
Free Fatty Acids .41 optimal <.6
Glucose 90
HbA1C 4.8 Range less than 6 optimal
Vitamin D 34 Range 30-100 optimal
TSH 3.74
T4 7.0 Range 4.5-11.7
T4 Free 1.22 Range .93-1.7
T3 95 Range 80-200

DHEA-S 152 Range 44-331
Estradiol <5.0 Range <12-42.6 (I’m taking arimidex 2 x per week)
Testosterone 760 This was while using compounded cream. I used it the day of blood draw and it’s possible I put it on the blood draw site. Prior to using the cream my levels were in the mid 150’s.
Free Testosterone 12.62 Range 4.7-24.4

Liver tests were all good.
CBC with Differential all good
Omega 3 Fatty Acids were good

Cortisol Rhythm Test 4 x

Total cortisol 19.1

You have a thyroid issue. Sub optimal function.

Low Vit D (aim for 65-75)

Low E2, adex over responder.

Possible elevated SBGH hence free T is not to great with total T at a good level.
Post liver data.

Read thyroid sticky. Suggest if possible you switch to injections and add HCG.

Tunapancake what do you think of the Test injection schedule and amount the doc recommended?

Liver data:

alt/gpt 24 <42 optimal
ast/got 20 <41 optimal
alp 37 40-129
Total Bilirubin .9 up to 1.2 optimal

Trying to get Vit D up. Cytomel for thyroid.

I disagree with his injection protocol of every two weeks and the fact you don’t have HCG. Injecting T without HCG will lead to testicular failure in the future. Injections so far apart cause wild hormone fluctuations.

Figure out the concentration of your test cyp vial 100 or 200 mg/ml.

Lower adex to 1mg a week in divided doses. Get a pill cutter and cut the pill in to 4ths. That should give you .25 mg EOD. = to 1mg a week.

Talk to doc about hcg, if he refuses go to safemeds4all.

At costco get 31G insulin needles, these will give you painless subq injections. Both T and HCG injections can be done on belly fat.

Was your low t primary or secondary? because if secondary HCG will significantly raise T levels and you not need as much test cyp.

The stickies recommend 50mg twice a week. I personally prefer EOD, but this is up to you. I’d suggest trying 30 mg EOD and 250iu HCG EOD with the HCG on the non T days. Basically:

Mon 30mg T .25mg adex
TU 250iu HCG
Wed 30mg T .25mg adex
and so on and so forth. Tedious? maybe, but with insulin needles only takes about 5 minutes to do all this a day. Check blood in 6 weeks and monitor symptoms.

That’s what has worked for me, but the injection protocol is good as well.

Are you currently on cytomel or did a doc prescribe it recently?

My test is 200mg/ml

I was using HCG when I was using the Test Cream. Subling 250 units. I quit bc I thought it was making me gain weight. Should I resume? or get HCG injections?

I’m assuming my low test is secondary. I don’t have a disease that’s causing it.

So the amount my doc is recommending is too high? What are the cons of me using his recommended amounts? Wouldn’t the additional test help build more muscle and drop fat?

Just started cytomel 3 weeks ago. 25mcg daily.


Subling is useless.

You need subq injectable at 250 IU EOD.

No its not too high its too infrequent. It causes your hormones to peak and valley too much.

Eventually with labs you can begin to adjust your dose to where you feel best and where they are in good ranges.