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Help with TRT (My Story)

My TRT story starts with me becoming VERY depressed and going to see my Doctor uncle (internal medicine) in TN… I live in Canada. I went to see him in June 2012. He took blood immediately and the results without having my labs in front of me were Total test of 124. Might I add I had not been sleeping for more than a couple of hours a night and was having panic attacks daily. I believe severe adrenal fatigue.

A year previous my 2 year old son was diagnosed with AUTISM… Needless to say I was VERY stressed… We never did cortisol since we new it was through the roof… My uncle started me on a shot of 200mg Test enanthate I continued with 100mg and 200mg alternating weeks. I have been in the gym seriously for almost 22 years… NEVER did gear.

While the test shots gave me energy to work out my mood didn’t get much better until I started an anti-depressant (150MG wellbutrin XL) Oct 2012 I have slowly but surely getting better since then. I took Clomid 50mg daily for 2 weeks 2-3 times during that year… The final straw to come off was when I noticed my balls to be getting softer and smaller and decided if I wanted off TRT now was the time…

My injection was 100MG test for the last 6-8 months of my TRT. I noticed about a week into the clomid my balls got much larger and harder… and my semen came back to crazy amounts at first, then after a few weeks off clomid went to much smaller amounts and now is back to about what it used to be.

Stats are as follows

38 today :slight_smile:
235 lbs.
Waist 34-35 inches
Never had much body hair… Good facial hair , can grow full beard
Grew slow and steady as teen ager
Testicle never really ache or hurt
When I gain fat , it goes everywhere , my arms get huge
about 15% body fat…
Cardio and weights 3-4 times a week
Training between ages of 20-30 overtrained…
Muscle was always easy to gain. (been accused of Crank often - never did)
Nocturnal wood Often , Morning wood only sometimes

Exit strategy was as follows…

Last T shot Aug 3RD.

Started 100 Every day Aug 12 for 2 weeks.
Then 50 Every day for 1 week
then 25 Every day for 5 days. last clomid Friday Sept 6th.

While my uncle was willing to help and prescribe Clomid and the Test.
He was not OK with HCG and his worry was a blood clot ?

So I am almost 3 months since last Clomid and was feeling pretty well until the last couple of weeks where I noticed some achy muscles and a little joist soreness… Back and 1 side hip. Also my balls have been somewhat sensitive for the last couple of days

I have missed the gym 4 outta the last 8 weeks ( have been gone hunting )
I noticed my strength down some…

I have not had bloods done , worried If I see low numbers before my system totally restarts I will immediately jump back on… I will get bloods done in the next couple of weeks

I have a local doctor with no issues prescribing the TEST… Since she saw my bloods originally and is compliant… But overall knows less than me and I know very little.

Ideas / Thoughts are welcome.

My thoughts, for what its worth… You had low T before TRT. It will likely return to similar levels, so why stop treatment? If its just the ball shrinkage why not get HCG wether its from your uncle or somewhere else? I started out with total T levels of about 219. I was dragging ass so bad for so long I wouldnt go back for anything now. It sounds like you have your hands full even without low T.

But its still a medical condition that can drag you down. Seems like it could only be beneficial to treat it. If your main issue is a mood thing, maybe try a different SSRI. My wife has been on every one out there. They all affect people differently.
Good luck

It is really a personal choice. There is nothing wrong with staying on TRT for the rest of your life, personally I plan to get on some sort of TRT by the time I am 30-35 for quality of life, maybe sooner.
There are just some things you have to be sure of, the biggest being, are you going to want to have more children? If your balls fully shutdown there is no going back.
Also, are you sure you are willing to do this for the REST of your life? When you are 80 you cannot just stop because again by then your balls will be fully shutdown i.e. you will have almost no natural test and will feel like shit.
If you were feeling good and healthy on the test, and off the test not so much, then I would say stay on it.

thanks for taking the time to read and reply to that long winded experience…


#1 - I would like to stay away from TRT as long as possible… because I know it can be for life ( I am 38)
#2 - I would like to try clomid again since I may have taken too much for too short a period. I might try 25 EOD
for about 12 weeks (ideas ?)
#3 - I found in my last blood draw about a year ago my TT was in a good range … Middle high… but my
E2 numbers were about 10% over the normal high range… 165 on a range of <150… And my endo nor
uncle mentioned that as a problem , since I was CLOSE to the range.
#4 - If I decide its time for TRT… I don’t know where to find HCG… My ears are wide open on this guys !.

I feel I have learned a lot on here in a short amount of time, meaning I am not as ignorant as I was just a couple of weeks ago !


I have no firsthand knowledge of clomid. If you choose to commit to trt ask the other doc about hcg. Aside from that, its out there if you “search” for it

OK so here are bloods. Taken 10:00 AM

TEST 15.1 range of (8.4-28.8 nmol/L)
Free Tri 6.4 range of (3.5 - 6.5 pmol/L)
Testosterone Free Still pending
Free THY T4 15 range of (9 - 23 pmol/L)
FSH 2 range of 2-8 IU/L
LH 6 range of 2-6 IU/L
Estradiol -17 72 < 150
Cortisol 562 nmol/L

While I wait on the Free T number…
What would be causing my low FSH ??
could this mean I need more recovery time ?
Should I use clomid , Should I try HCG ??
Idea ?



you can order arimidex and hcg from safemeds4all.com without a prescription. I used a credit card and I had no problems with them on that front, and I got the order in 5 days from the time I ordered. I live in the states.