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Help with TRT Dosage and Frequency?

Hi , I’ve been on Trt now for about 6 months and would really appreciate some help adjusting my dosage and some recommendations for frequency.Im 47 years old and here are my hours latest lab numbers.

  1. 100 mg Testosterone Cypionate every 3.5 days.(200 weekly total)
  2. Total Testosterone = 1385.00 ng/dl
  3. SHGB = 32.5
  4. Free Testosterone = 355 pg/ml
  5. Testosterone Bioavailable = 868 ng/dl
  6. Estradiol = 48 pg/ml
  7. PSA = 0.410
    My goal is to find the ideal dosage and frequency that will make me feel the best while being able to continue making gains in the gym,along with keeping my blood work and estrogen levels within normal levels and not having to take an AI.I was thinking about 140mg Testosterone Cypionate dosed every other day at 40mg.What do you guys think?I would very much appreciate any help and sound advice you can give.Thank You

The every other day protocol seems like a good choice and will keep trough levels higher, assuming these labs are without using an AI, you could still get away with twice weekly dosing. You might be able to get away with just lowering your dosage.

I would either do 70mg twice weekly or 30-35mg every other day, but know that injecting with more frequency will net you higher levels unless you lower the dosage. My dosage needs a substantial increase as I move away from a higher injection frequency.

If you are dead set on an every other day protocol, I would do 30-35mg.

When, relative to your injection schedule, were your labs drawn?

Any particular reason you think you are not currently feeling your best?

Thank You for your quick response.These Labs were done next day after injection.I was using an AI only if I felt symptoms of high estrogen.I used roughly 3mg of Aromasin the day of my last injection before Labs.I had not used the Aromasin 1-2 weeks prior.Systemlord,do you think EOD would be effective for me as far as where my SHBG levels are?If I were to do 40mg every other day for a total of 140 weekly,what would be your best estimate of where my total Testosterone level would be based on my Labs while on 200mg Testosterone every 3.5 days?Lastly,do you think 40mg EOD protocol will get my estrogen level in the normal range.Thanks very much for your time and knowledge.This is a great resource.

Then those results are at your peak. Most doctors get labs at trough. Next time, get labs drawn on the day of your injection, before your injection. Until then, I would not change anything.

I don’t feel bad,I would really like to find the lowest effective dose for health and safety reasons.My hematocrit was elevated as well 51.9,so that was a concern .These Labs were done the day after last injection.100mg every 3.5 days.Also,I don’t want to have to take an AI.

Highpull,so your advice would be to stay at 200mg every 3.5 days.What do you think about 40mg eod for 140 weekly.Could this help eliminate the need for an AI.

This wasn’t done correctly, levels peak in 24-48 hours, levels should be measured at trough.

This is the wrong approach, don’t try to get your levels in range, increase your dosage up or down until symptoms are gone, then run the numbers to see what feeling optimal looks like on paper.

When I was dialing in my daily protocol, I didn’t check my levels when not feeling well, I increased/decreased the dosage until I felt good, then I ran my labs and found the 400-500 range to be best.

If you get to a point where sides are unmanageable, you probably need more frequent smaller injections.

That makes sense.I appreciate all your help.

You could titrate downward until you do not like the way you feel. Keep in mind, as systemlord mentioned, more frequent dosing will allow for fewer mg per week. Adding injections changes everything.

I do not think 51.9 is a concern.

I agree.

Yes, and since you are focusing on your numbers, have blood drawn at trough.

That is exactly what I would do if injecting every other day.

Thanks for all your great advice Highpull.Both you and Systemlord helped me a great deal today.