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Help with TRT Doctors in the Nashville Tennessee Area?

I am a 35 year old male. I am hoping someone would know of an experienced doctor in the Nashville, TN area

I have been struggling with the symptoms of low T for many years and want to finally talk to someone about it. My GP will not even have a discussion at all because my numbers are normal but they are on the low end of normal.

In February '18 I had a physical and my Total was 428 NG/dL (264-916) and Free T 12.3pg/mL (8.7-25.1)

February of this year my Total was 344 NG-dL and Free T 9.6 pg/mL

A lot of guys here are patients of Defy Medical, an online TRT clinic. @systemlord is a patient

Think Dr. Keith Nichols is in Chattanooga, heard he’s the best in the biz. Might be worth a drive.

The problem with doctors is they are taught in range is normal and that insurance companies will not approve treatment if levels are within range, the problem is doctors do not account for age when assessing labs. The older men typically score on the bottom end of the ranges and younger men on the top end of the ranges.

The average healthy 35 year old is 600> ng/dL which puts you lower than your peers. The insurance companies will not cover treatment until your levels are outside of the normal ranges which is <300 or that of a 90 year old man, your GP’s knows this, so really it’s about payment and your doctor knows coverage will be denied.

You will have to pay for TRT out of your own pocket, the sick care system doesn’t really have enough doctors with knowledge to treat you, most doctors don’t know what normal testosterone levels are for a man of a particular age, the guidelines are outdated and so to are the treatment protocols.

Most doctors in our medical system have a very negative view of TRT and are taught TRT causes prostate cancer which is false. A guy coming in with normal levels and the doctor is probably thinking you are looking for steroids and want to get ripped and build muscle and this is why the discussion went nowhere.

You’re probably not going to find anyone in Nashville Tennessee area, you need to look into telemedicine, the ones mentioned have really good TRT doctors that have a lot of experience.

Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, a harvard expert in the field of TRT states men at or below a Free T value of 15 pg/mL (6.8-26.5) will likely show benefit on TRT once Free T levels are in the optimal range which is 20-26.6 pg/mL, the range for men under 30.

Testosterone Threshold for Increased Cardiovascular Risk in Middle-Aged and Elderly Men:

The locally weighted regression showed that total testosterone levels of 440 and 480 ng/dL were associated with increased Framingham CVD risk and an increased probability of increased hsCRP, respectively. Men with sexual dysfunction (poor sexual performance, decreased morning erection, and loss of libido) had significantly greater CVD risk.

Dr. Lee Howard at Compass Cellular Healing is very knowledgeable on TRT/has specialized for a number of years.

You don’t even have to drive to Dr. Nichols as Tennessee is a telemedicine state.

Good to know @yeti308. Thought you had to be in person for the 1st consultation.

I’m assuming you have telemedicine within the state not outside the state? I’m from Miami, FL.

If you are in Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, or California he can provide telemedicine so no in person visit required

yeti308 – how about MN? Could Dr. Nichols treat via via telemedicine there?

No not there At present mybfriend

I am moving to TN and looking for a doc. Why is he considered the best? Any articles or documentation? Just word of mouth?

Look up ‘the restore clinic’. I’ve sent countless guys that way and have had nothing but good reviews. yeti308 IS Dr Nichols and refers to himself in the third person. He’s making it sound like he’s referring you to a doc when he IS the doc. About as misleading as it gets.

Who is treating at that clinic? There is no name on the website

I found out yesterday that they are not taking on any more patients for the time being. You can also look up Elevate Men’s Clinic.