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Help with TRT and New Found Lump

I could use some advice. I’ve been on test cyp ~160mg a week for a about 10 weeks. I noticed a lump on one side next to my nipple about 2 weeks ago . Not much sensitivity in my nipples per say. But the lump hurts when pressed. I take 250iu EOD and 40mg Test cyp EOD with .25 Adex. I had recent labs that should be in tomorrow. Last tested estradiol at 21 Roche eclia method? So not sure what to do about the lump? Nolva? 10mg a day twice a day for a month?

I’m going to get new labs soon. Dipshit docs didnt do a complete panel even though I requested. They said cant be from therapy. They didnt even want to put me on adex or hcg. Going with Defy soon out of Florida for remote therapy. Im in Northern Cali. Cant find a good doc and tired of getting the runaround. They all just want my money and dont care about much else. Doc wants an ultrasound. Says it cant be on one side from the therapy. What should I do? Please help. My T levels only say that there around 1500… Hence getting new blood work most likely this week.

Defy has good TRT doctors, they really know their stuff. The obvious choice is to lower the dosage, you should reduce your dosage until your Defy consultant.

Makes sense. I wasnt sure if it was due to the hcg or ot enough adex maybe. I’ll have my labs in the morning and post results. I have to do new labs with Defy anyways so at least I will have a more complete hormone panel from them…

Thanks formal the help thus far…

Can someone help me our here. I’m having trouble getting my labs so I dont have those yet. But what is the protocol for when you get a lump? Take Letro or Nolva or??? Do I up my adex? Will that help or crash my E2? I’m not sure but some experienced help would make me feel allot better. I’m going to get new labs but there expensive and I just had 2 sets done. They were only testing total and estradiol. Doc mislead me in what was being tested. What can I do in the meantime? No insurance. Everything is out of pocket right now…

Here are my labs. They didnt run the panel they said they would. Figures.

Get that ultrasound, There’s a reasonable chance that it is not gyno or even related. And personally I would want a little bit higher E2.


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Whats a good range for e2 than? I thought the lower end was more optimal?. I bumped my adex to .5 EOD in the meantime and havent taken my hcg. It would be pretty coincidental if the lump was from something else. I had a small lump coming off a cycle years back that went away after pct… since I stopped the hcg and bumped up the adex it has gotten smaller. Still there but smaller for sure…

high testosterone likes high estrogen.

19 is too low for just about everyone. I feel better at 68 than 18, that’s for sure. If you have gyno, deal with it, but there are better ways than hammering the E2. Consider Nolvadex instead, talk to your doc.