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Help with TRT after 2.5 Years, 21 Years Old


Yes, just serum not sensitive.


I would wait for those results before you do anything and if you can at least call Crislers office and ask advice I would.


yeah I’ll try to give them a call, thanks.


Since its such a big change in your protocol you may go through some changes. Are you certain that this lump is not just a sebaceous gland that has gotten inflamed due to a change in oil production?


I’m not sure how to make an accurate diagnoses myself but it feels very deep like tissue and you can see it’s puffy towards the right side of the nipple.


Not sure man. I have never had any gyno symptoms. Maybe someone else who has experienced it can weigh in.


I hope so because dr crisler office is closed till Monday.


Did u just get the lump? You have novaldex on hand? If so you can take that just in case.

Try to stick it through. Youre body is adjusting to new protocol.

Btw when I was going through this my wife Checks me for gyno she had felt a lump at night next morning it was gone.


You can also lower dose a bit maybe to 16 Ed. I agree with @physioLojik I just don’t agree with these frequent injections. Might as well switch to an ester with a much shorter half life. Now we have Dr cristler instruct Ed injections without doing his own labs


Dr. Chrysler told me to just lower the dose to 80 mg twice a week and stick with the AI an hCG dose, however I mentioned that in reading I found men with low SHBG benefit from every day dosing in which case he said yes that’s a fantastic idea do every day dosing instead and drop the aI‘s …as far as the lump i noticed it around 7pm yesterda and is still there now feels very pronounced I just got a blood test and I’m conflicted whether or not to take My arimidex knowing that my estrogen was pretty high just a few days before starting this new protocol or waiting for the results which won’t be here until most likely Monday.

I posted in allthingsmale dr crisler forum and t a moderator deleted my post because I posted my medications and dosages…how the hell am I suppose to get help if I can’t discuss what I’m taking. Is this dr even as good as everyone says.


What about rebound estrogen? Considering this is non aromasin.


Some think he is full of himself. “great idea” really I thought he suppose to know best.

Imo. Wait another day.
I guess you don’t have novaldex/clomid.

If tomorrow you still think it’s gyno after you reexamine yourself, Maybe take just .25 mg dex 1x. Now try not to keep feeling your nipple area to check you may irritate area and cause inflammation.

Also interesting why they deleted your message on the other forum. It’s too control what the public sees. They don’t want you to share what the Dr told you , esp a bad experience. :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:


I don’t have any nolva/clomid… I actually have liquid clomid from rui opened but a couple years old


@physioLojik hey man. I know you have not been on trt forum recently. I want to help out this young man @kaceyjamesc at 21. Can you please read his thread when you have time?

Thank you and I read your family is doing well after the relocation. That is awesome. When the kids are happy I am :grinning:.

Ask Physiolojik Thread

9 days on 20mg everyday dosing + 150 hcg daily …Is this long enough to see what my levels would fall at continually or was this not long enough for the adjustment

How can I incorporate an AI into this… I took arimidex and the lump when down in size.

Should I just stick too twice a week dosing but lower the dose to 140 per week 70 mon 70 Thursday.

Also my hemotocrit actually went up in these 9 days by a few points. I actually don’t need to donate anymore the last year or so it hasn’t budged. Till now.


No it is not enough time, 6 weeks to reach a stable state as the half lives builds up in your system. Usually as I inch closer to 6 weeks I start to notice the fluctuations are getting shorter and I’m feeling better the majority of the time.

I’m going to make the prediction your dosage is just too high.


Not enough time.

You are already thinking of changing to 2x a week? If you do that, you need to wait another 6 weeks.
You really need to see where your free t is at.

I would not take ai at a regular schedule. Too early. And you will have a difficult time determining your stable e2 levels without an AI.

140 a week may be too much. You can go down to 15 mg a day.

If u do 2x a week I would to 50 x 2.


But how would I address this high e2 on daily dosing. Normally I wouldn’t care and let it level off but the rebound estrogen definitely caused a lump

Also my free t was triple off the charts on my old protocol just a a couple weeks ago. Posted above


I remember. Lower dose to lower e2 for now. It is not that astronomically high.

Monitor your e2 symptoms for now. That’s what I would do. You may have seen a peak when you start your new protocol.

At least you have it on hand.


Okay… haven’t talked to much about the hcg but it all honesty I feel that has a lot to do with things

I was taking 250iu twice a week and my estrogen was stable but still had all my symtoms. However when the doc told me that is wasn’t enough I agreed only because the girlfriend and I did notice my testicles were slacking… the 500 helped with size a bit but I believe it started spiking my estrogen - hot flashes and some itchiness

Should I try lowering the hcg aswell? Maybe 750 total a week if it would make a difference.

On a side note I’ve noticed these past 9 days however my hair is regaining some of its natural texture and not shedding as much.