Help with TRT after 2.5 Years, 21 Years Old

You may need to break up those shots up multiple times a week do to low SHBG, typically low SHBG men do better on EOD or ED dosing, this creates the least amount of fluctuations which you no doubt are experiencing now.

Low SHBG men do better with midrange total testosterone do to low SHBG men having more free hormones, high SHBG men need more total testosterone to equal the same free testosterone as low SHBG man.

I’m a low SHBG man (16-18) and feel much more consistent injecting EOD, twice weekly I felt swings at on day 3, over time these swings get bigger until the good feelings that TRT provides vanish.

My recommendation is 20mg EOD or 10-12mg ED and stop the AI for now. Your current AI dosing will cause problems once you start smaller more frequent dosing as you will aromatase less of that testosterone.

At 20mg EOD my Total T is 496 ng/dL and Free T is at the very top of the ranges which is exactly where you want it. Unfortunately so to is estrogen, well above it actually.

I’d definitely be willing to try, what would I do with my hcg. I’m currently looking for a new physician as I literally just got so frustrated with mine I turned around on my way to my appointment today. I’m sick of them throwing pills at everything. I said I had brain fog and he tried to give me adderal. He recommends 5000iu of hcg a week. These guys are suppose to be top notch in west Hester ny and change a fortune.

Anyway I would be willing to try that method and see how I feel what should I do with the hcg. Idk if it would be wise to completely stop the arimidex.

I’m also currently looking into setting something up with dr crisler from what I hear he’s more individual based. As I believe I also have some adrenal issues and other things going on.

If you were a doctor and you know prescribing prescription drugs was going to allow you to pay your mortgage and put your children through college and you also knew that prescribing hormones was going to affect the bottom line, would you prescribe hormones?

Of course. Well if I go ahead and try this method on my own do u have any recommendation for the hcg. Or stick too mon and Thursday for hcg or also do that ed eod. And will i be okay without an ai or should I stick it in there somewhere

Any body have any idea of what to do with hcg and arimidex If I switch to eod or ed test dosing

You will probably be able to drop the anastrozole.

I take my hcg in the same syringe as my test eod.

I just split up my 1000iu a week of hcg into 285 iu increments.

I first load my test into the syringe (30mg). Then I load in the hcg (285iu). One injection w both substances.

I’m just literally in the worst health of my life. I feel like I have low T. Yet my levels are insanely high. I have no motivation no drive no strength I don’t understand and no doctors help

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What is your protocol? Include any medications, and HCG as well.

Your labs show you are injecting too much.

Edit. I think u inject 200 a week. You need to reduce this. Imo drop dex go down to 140 for a week then 100. Instead of a big drop down from 200 to 100.
Then wait 6-8 weeks and see how you feel.

Were you in the same protocol for 2 years?

I was on 100mg for several months but I only got my t levels up to like 550 on that dose.

Current protocol
100mg mon/thurs net 200mg IM
.25 arimidex mon Thurs
250iu hcg mon Thursday ( upped it to 500mg twice a week as of 2 weeks ago because new doctor said 250 was too low and my testicles Are pretty atrophied)
Cialis 5mg daily for ed/hard flaccid cpps

Tired after breAkfast
Mood swings
Poor sleep
High cortisol.
Bad Hanger
Weight fluctuations
hair shedding - dry brittle hair never gets oily
Bouts of Sebaceous derm
Brain fog times 1000
Insulin sensitivity ?
Gut issues?
Silent Gluten allergy?
Trying to eliminate gluten and grain
Low shbg
Puffy cheeks
Abdominal fat with clean diet
No muscle gain
Sour acidic feeling in stomach in the morning
Body hair coming in like crazy the last month or so
Cold testicles
Cold penis
Adrenal issues? Silent thyroid issues?
Who knows anymore

This list goes on

How did u feel on 100?

I don’t really recall tbh it’s been a rollercoaster…I think I felt way better switching to 200 but these effects have slowly diminished

Your high total t and free t indicate u are injecting too much. Period. More is not better. When you lower dose ai can be eliminated. Ai could be contributing to some of your symptoms.

Now you could have needed trt but B4 you started I hope ur Dr looked into adrenals , testicles, pituitary etc. Esp at 21.

You need a good Endocrinologist to evaluate you. They would be good at adrenals, thyroid and pituitary.

You will get fixed and live your youth with energy and sex.

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Been on daily dosing for a week now, trying to get back into the gym however every time I go I feel so weak and my arms and legs feel like rubber noodles. I start to get hot and get pins and needles and end IOC so frustrated that I have to leave and practically fall asleep driving home.

I reached out to dr crisler and he suspects adrenal issues are to blame but I haven’t set up my appointment with him yet.

Have developed a lump under right nipple since stopping arimidex and doing ed dosing… not sure what to do now.

I had an advice only consult with dr crisler and have decided to become a patient but have not scheduled my first appointment yet.

As per the consult I was instructed to stop my current protocol of
200mg of test cyp split into two shots mon/thurs
Hcg 500 mon thirds
Arimidex .25 mon Thursday

And began an everyday schedule due to low shbg
20mg t cyp 150 hcg everyday and drop the arimidex.

However, it has been about 10 days and I’ve developed a large hard lump just right of my right aerola and now am totally unsure what to do do I jump back to my old routine or do I stick with this and had some arimidex for awhile

I was skeptical of this decision because during that consult my sensitive estrogen was 45 on an 8-35 range and serum was high as well and I didn’t think just dropping arimidex would be good considering my estrogen was over above range.

What should I do at this point?

When is your first appt? Can you call his office and ask them?

I was waiting for some funds to come in and will schedule it hopefully today if not Monday…I’m at LabCorp now waiting to get yet another blood test. Should I take some arimidex. I’ve never expiefcned this before even when I use to blast and took dbol and my e was sky high

You are at the lab right now? Are you getting E2 tested?