Help with Triathlon Training

Hey guys, thanks in advance of course. I’ll get right to it.

(for reference, I’ve been doing xfit and xfit endurance WoD’s for the past 4-5 months)
I’m working on finishing a 1/2 Ironman either this or next season, and from there hopefully a Full Ironman. I’ve been lifting for about 8 years pretty seriously, but I’ll admit, I just don’t know how to mix lifting with the 3sports training. I am a realist, I know I’m not going to be making any big gains on my physique or anything, but I’d like to keep a fairly muscular frame throughout.

Its looking like my Tri schedule will look something like this.
Mon - Swim/Bike block (20-30min swim, immediate bike about an hour)
Tue - Short Run (Sprints / Speed)
Wed - Long Swim (distance)
Thu - Run (45min-1hr hard pace)
Fri - Long Bike (around 2hours)
Sat - Off
Sun - Distance Run (1hour +)

Obviously thats quite a bit of work in itself. Like I said before though, I LOVE lifting… I was thinking DeFranco’s Skinny Bastard Program, but I’m afraid lifting 3-4x a week is just too much volume. I was thinking perhaps 2x a week lifting, lots of olympic lifts might be the way to go, but… I’m just not sure.

Any help you guys could throw my way is much appreciated. Sorry if this post was all over the place.

…Triathlon is technically not a strength sport…

There are probably better places you could ask this question. Not that no one here will have advice, but I would go to a triathlon forum and post your question.

Well… I am not really asking for help with the Triathlon portion, I’m asking advice for the weight training… I figured this would be the website for that. I have been on tri forums, but most people on them do not lift at all… which is not helpful to me.

While triathlon isn’t a “strength sport” in the context of this site, I can’t find a better thread to post this Question in.

Again, just help with the Weight training portion, sorry if that wasn’t clear.

If your goal is to maintain a muscular frame, bodybuilding forum might be better.

If your goal is to increase your 1 rep max in the powerlifts or olympiclifts you’re in the right forum.

if your goal is to do well in Triathlons, you’re in the wrong website.

So right off the bat, which one of those goals do you want help with?

Just a tip: If you want muscular size and can only work out 2x a week, Olympic lifts are a complete waste.

If i was you i would do lots of squats and romanian deadlifts. I remember reading about a masters world champion cyclist doing 225lbs for 100 plus reps when he set a world record. Also Eric Heiden a speed skater turned cyclist would do 205lbs for 300 reps.

Triathlon is all about strong enduring legs and a good aerobic system. So start your squatting now. Include some general upper body training aswell. weighted Dips/chins. Bench/rows. If you really do enjoy oly lifts a good combo to do would be 1 full clean followed by 50 or so full front squats.

I think what you are seriously missing is hitting yourself on the big toe (was about to say head but thought better about it) with a hammer…

20 to thirty blows about 3 times a week is something you could aim at, maybe building up eventually to a small sledge…

it will provide you with absolutley nothing for your goals but will show enormous dedication and the abilty to withstand enormous pain ( but only if you really put your back into it)

go ahead and give it your best shot…

A tip from me:

Endurance is mostly determined by your muscles’ oxidative capacities and not the cardiorespiratory system itself.

[quote]TYPE2B wrote:
A tip from me:

Endurance is mostly determined by your muscles’ oxidative capacities and not the cardiorespiratory system itself.[/quote]

No need to get scientific. If you want to be good at triathlon then you need a good bike leg(longest discipline. Most of the greatest cyclist’s weight training consists of high rep squats/romanian deadlifts.

I would second the squat and RDL recommendation. Just strengthening the muscles can help with minor injury prevention. That’s actually the reason I started lifting… and now here I am!

Also, have you ever tried brick workouts? I used to do one serious brick each week and would occasionally throw a half mile sprint at the end of my bike workouts.
I feel it really helped after T2.