Help with Trap/Neck Pain After Ruck Walks

So I usually do 1-2 easy cardio sessions a week. In the gym, it was usually incline treadmill walks, easy biking, rowing or eliptical, but since I don’t have any of those at home I’ve been throwing kbs into a backpack and going for long- ish walks

They hit the spot from a cardio standpoint and don’t piss off my hips and knees like jogging, but my neck and traps get REALLY pissed
This isn’t a problem during the workout itself (although it does suck); however, the soreness/stiffness messes with my sleep.

Anyone have any tips??

No way to avoid traps being sore and angry during ruck walks. 25 mile hikes with heavy packs in the Marines usually ended with me walking the last few miles with the backpack straps sitting way out on the edge of my shoulders just to get some relief. Sore traps affect the neck too, but most importantly try to avoid craning your neck forward as you get tired. Also, make sure you’re not throwing too much weight into a backpack not suited for weight bearing, and make sure you can pull your straps tight to you.

It’s also important to note that if something is causing you soreness and affecting your sleep it’s not an “easy cardio” session. But your traps will get more used to it.


ahh okay

ohhh okay, I’m using my school backpack

Well, it’s easy on cardio… not so much otherwise I guess…

Give this stretch a try:

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Loosen your shoulder straps at the top of you have that option. If you’re using a frame, and you’ve got those things cinched up all the way to the frame, it’s going to hurt worse than it needs to

Or maybe place some sort of traction-y small rubber mat between you and the backpack. That way, it would be sort of more suspended, and not pull down so much. The shirt (if wearing one) would need to be tight, as it may slip, though.

Having done more than my fair share of them, I would say the higher you can have your pack on your shoulders and traps, the more comfortable they’ll be. Unfortunately, they can be a bit uncomfortable no matter what you do.

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