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Help with Translation: Water Under the Bridge

a lot of water has passed under the bridge, do you know this quotes ? it is somethings french, but i try to find/make a better translation, it is right but i don’t know that don’t look “nice”

can i say " a lot of water has flowed under the bridges " just change passed by flowed


Do you mean, “it’s water under the bridge”…?

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no just water under the bridge, like the past is the past, the life continu something like that, but they explain well in this site web, just i try to find a “nice” translation, literary

I don’t know what the closest way to say this in English is, but we have an equivalent phrase in Italian.

The meaning of what the op is asking for is, “it’s been a long time since.”

The translation in English is:

Seriously. Although it’s not a “Translation” in that this is the expression in English. As in the common expression and not an adaptation from another language’s expression.

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Yeah I’m French and have a degree (“licence”) in english litterature which involves lots of translation.

Like @lucasmon says “it’s water under the bridge”. Pretty much the same as in french