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Help with Transition into Cutting Cycle


whats up guys im on my first cycle im doing sust 250 twice a week for 10 weeks im currently on week 7 i dont know how to transition into my cutting cycle i didnt know if i should wait 2 weeks after my last shot and then start the other cycle of prop tren and winnie or should i take the hcg 2 weeks after my last shot of sust and then run that until its over and then start the next cycle time is an issue i just wanna make sure i do this right and safe is anyone can help me it would be much appreciated


no wonder the public things steroids are bad with dumb fucks like you asking such dumb fucking questions and doing such dumb shit.

do some fucking research


to answer your question..

finish your current cycle, run a proper pct (with a serm)

wait for 10-12 weeks..

then run your other cycle..




I can't help you with your query, Snailcock. I had a good chuckle at your name tho :slight_smile:


ive done my research and what ive come up with is that since its such a low dose i could wait till after the tren winny and prop to take the pct i work at a gym and i know alot of people that told me it would be ok since the prop is already in the sust to just start that cycle and then wait till it was over to take my pct but thank u for ur sarcastic awnser


You should take this advice and do some personal research, when you do this you will realize how retarded this is, you should not let people who you think are knowledgeable tell you what to do. Just because someone tells you something doesn't mean its right.


And that's why I'm on here asking cuz I wanna know what would b the diffrents of taking the prop tren winnie for 8 weeks and then taking the pct after that


Assuming you are running one cycle immediately after the other, the duration of time of which your natural production of testosterone is suppressed with be greatly magnified..potentially reducing the likelihood of a full recovery.