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Help with Training While Working Construction



I’m currently trying to build lean mass.
I’m 28 years old, 5’7 at 212 pounds.
I’m a construction worker means I’m up and down ladders I eat approx 7-8 meals a day. I lift 6 days a week.

Monday- chest/tri. 4 excersise each, 4x 10/8/6/5
Tuesday- back/bi. Same as above
We’d- shoulders/ legs same as above
Thursday- chest/tris light 4 exercise each 4x 20/15/12/10
Friday- back/ biceps same
Sat- shoulder/ legs same

With me being a construction worker plus training like that is putting me into overtraining?


If that is your only question, no, probably not.

If you want a more detailed answer, it would be helpful to know:

  • body composition
  • how you progress you loads
  • what you actually do in the gym (sets, reps, weights, exercises)
  • how long you’ve been training
  • what you eat


As a quick answer, I would think that if you’re nutrition and recovery (sleep, non physical activities) are addressed, you should be just fine. The idea of over-training seems to have been greatly blown out of proportion IMO the last decade or so. Often times the reason people aren’t making the gains they want is more related to how they’re doing things in the gym vs how often they’re going there.

Obviously a more detailed description of your training, diet etc would shed more light.



‘Over-training’ is, most of the time when it’s used bullshit! Providing that you feel alright and eat enough all will be well.


I agree with this 100%.

The only thing I may add is that in lieu of time under the bar, spend time on mobility and stability drills. Up/down and working from ladders is tough on knees, hips, and lower back.

For the real good stuff- consult a physical therapist to run you through some stability and mobility tests to find and shore up any developing weakness. Better now than when/if you have bulging disks or serious knee problems.


Are your main lifts going up steadily? If yes keep at it


What kind of construction worker? Any particular trade?



Monday,Thursday -chest-tris
Dumbell bench press 5x 15/12/10/8/6
Incline barbell press 4x 15/12/10/8
Decline dumbell press 4x 15/12/10/8
Pec fly machine 3x15/15/12

Close grip 4x15/12/10/8
Rope pull down 3x15/12/10
Skull crushers 3x15/12/10
Dips 50 total

Tuesday, Friday
Dead lifts 5x20/15/12/10/8
Bent over barbell rows 4x15/12/10/8
Single are row 4x15/12/10/8
Latp pull down superset with benhind the neck 4x15/12/10/8

Straight bar curls 4x 20/15/12/10
Ez bar curl 4x20/15/12/10
Hammer curl 3x 15/12/10
Dumbell single arm 3x15/12/10

Wensday, Saturday
Squats 5x20/15/12/10/8
Leg press 4x15/12/10/8
Lunges 4x15/12/10/8
Hamstring machine curl 4x 15/12/10/8

Military press 3x 15/12/10
Upright row super set with side lat 3x15/12/10
Shrugs 4x15/12/10/8
Read delts machine 4x15/12/10/8

Sunday - off


4am protein shake w/banana 30grams
5 pre-workout ( steel supplements )
Amp-AF , pump-AF
Intra-work out ADA-Anabolic
6:30am post-workout protein shake w/ glutamine
7:30 work/ 2 whole eggs 6 egg whites , handful of spinish, half advocato. 2 pancakes

10am handful of almonds, 6oz blueberrys

12:30 6oz steak, approx 8 spears of asparagus, brown rice

3pm 8oz chicken, Brussel sprouts , rice

6pm 6oz salmon green beans, half avocado

9pm protein shake w/ almonds and a banana.
10pm rested-AF and a melatonin, w/ glutamine.


I’m guessing that’s a sample of a day, so you eat something fairly similar daily. It seems OK. Personally I’d probably have less protein and more carbs but that’s personal preference, and also I don’t know exactly how many carbs you’re eating. As long as you’re getting 3000 calories a day as a minimum you should be fine. Way more supplements than I’d use or think necessary, but I might be wrong and again, personal preference.

Now with your training I’m guessing again because you’ve just listed exercises and reps, but it definitely looks like whatever weight you use it won’t be heavy at all. You also only train your lower body with five exercises per week, only three of which are ones that can be heavily loaded but the reps are high enough that I don’t see how you could use enough weight to get overly taxed. Tired and and sore, sure. Overall beat up, not so much. The rest of your work is upper body, and about half of that is made up of smaller exercises so again, not really any room for over taxing your body.

I wouldn’t worry. You should be fine, I’d be very surprised if you over trained.


Everybody’s different - if you start to feel like shit up your carbs slowly, get more sleep or cut back on the volume. Simple.


I was Plastering for 2 years a while back. 11hr days and basically non stop HARD work. Full body 2-3 times a week worked best for me, maybe give that a go. I was actually the biggest and strongest id been for a while too while doing that. Maybe because I had to eat a shit load of food.


Assuming that you are natural, your work will likely dip into your recovery. If what you are doing is working, stay with it. If it doesn’t work out, I’d try 3-5 days of full body workouts with 1-3 compound movements for a total of 20-40 reps each.