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Help with Training / Supplements


i'm 23 years old 6ft and 218lbs. I have been on and off hitting the gym to try and bulk up and lose some fat at the same time. Someone told me by doing weights and working the big groups like back and legs chest and shoulders I would still lose the weight while gaining muscle.

My goal weight I think would be around 196 lbs.

I don't really know what im doing but Ive been reading up on here what might help. I dont really know about squats or deadlifts etc. The only supplement I have atm is Maximuscle cyclone.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


First you need to decide if you're bulking or cutting. Diet is key element here. Hard work in the gym will get results. There's plenty of info/vids/articles here about squats and deadlifts USE SEARCH BAR thoroughly! There are no magic supplements aside from hard work and proper diet. Of course protein, multivitamin, EFA's and mabey creatine are common staples. Pre and post nutrition being most important. GOOD LUCK!


This is going to be your major problem. MAjor fucking problem.

Consistency is king. Diet is the Queen. Your desire/drive/fucking balls are the ace.


Pick any routine that isn't fucking retarded, get strong as fuck on everything, and eat moderate amounts of quality foods consistently.

Once you've done that for 6 months, then worry about the stupid "should I bulk or cut" bullshit.

If you can't be focused enough to do the basics for even a short amount of time no words on this forum are going to help you, and no one should take the time to walk you through everything.


Read through the first four "stickied" posts in this forum. Come back with questions.

Bulk or cut ... pointless. It is very possible as a person new to weight training, to both gain muscle and lose fat.

As beans noted, hard work and consistency (3-5 days/week) will get you far.