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Help with Training Schedule

Hi guys, going to post this in a couple sections because I don’t know who would be most willing to help with this.

I’m 6’4", 200lbs, and have been training for about a year doing starting strength mostly, and always some kind of 3xweek full body.

My first problem is that I’ve recently changed cities/jobs and I can only get to a gum Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, which is not ideal for any kind of full body or split routine, I realize. How do I best handle that?

Secondly, I have some structural problems. I have spondy in my back and fractures from a skateboarding accident over 10 years ago. This has caused hip imbalances, a slightly shorter right leg, occasional joint probs, etc. Despite all of this, I went with a full body barbell routine and it helped make me feel a lot better. However, even with very light weight I pop my back out of place fairly regularly so am constantly in physio. This isn’t a matter of form. I’m very careful about it- it’s just that while I can squat with very little issues, deadlifts put stress on all of my problem areas. I’ve got long limbs and poor stability and I don’t think there’s anyway around it. On that note, are rack pulls beneficial or do they not even compare to a deadlift?

I’m posting here and in both sections because I know there are people that say always go with a full body power lifting type program and others who disagree. I have a lot of bulking I still want to do but am starting to wonder if I would be better suited to a body part split, especially given my new schedule. With no rest say in between I have no idea to set that up. Or, do I stay full body and just adapt it somehow? I had always intended to train for strength but I’m pretty discouraged by the problems I’m running into and honestly just want to train for size now. I want to get big.

I know this is long but if anyone can try to sort me out it would be really helpful. Am I making too much of a big deal over my routine? Should I stay on a full body or switch to more of a bb type thing?